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Does Kentucky Fried Chicken Have Grilled Chicken?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is best known for its fried chicken recipes and products. However, the fast food chain has experimented with grilled chicken options over the years. Here’s an overview of KFC’s history with grilled chicken and whether it’s still available on the menu.

Does Kentucky Fried Chicken Have Grilled Chicken?

No, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) currently does not offer any grilled chicken options on their menu in the United States. KFC previously had a line of grilled chicken products called “Kentucky Grilled Chicken” that launched in 2009.

The grilled chicken options included marinated breast filets, wings, and boneless breasts that were prepared by grilling over an open flame grill. The Kentucky Grilled Chicken line proved to be popular and was a menu staple at KFC locations across the country for several years.

However, in early 2015 KFC made the decision to discontinue their line of grilled chicken products due to declining sales and changing customer preferences. Most customers still opted for KFC’s iconic fried chicken instead of the grilled chicken. Since removing grilled chicken from the menu in 2015, KFC has not offered any grilled chicken items at their restaurants in the U.S.

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The fried chicken, along with side dishes and new innovations like plant-based fried chicken, remain the focus of KFC’s menu. While the chain experimented with grilled chicken in the past, there are currently no plans for KFC to add back grilled chicken entrees or substitutes in their U.S. locations.

The only grilled chicken products still available from KFC are found in international regions like Malaysia. So in summary, grilled chicken is no longer available or offered at any Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in America as of 2023. KFC is focused on what they are best known for – fried chicken.

A Brief History of KFC Grilled Chicken

In 2009, KFC launched its “Kentucky Grilled Chicken” line as a healthier alternative to its famous fried chicken. The grilled chicken was marinated and then grilled until perfectly charred. It was served alongside KFC’s classic side dishes.

The Kentucky Grilled Chicken line proved successful and became a menu staple for KFC. Some locations even allowed customers to substitute grilled chicken in place of fried chicken in meal combos.

The Discontinuation of KFC Grilled Chicken

In early 2015, KFC made the decision to discontinue its Kentucky Grilled Chicken menu items.

The company cited changing customer preferences and declining sales as reasons for getting rid of the grilled chicken options. Many customers still preferred the classic fried chicken that KFC was known for.

Since 2015, grilled chicken has been completely absent from KFC locations in the United States. The last vestiges of KFC grilled chicken remain internationally in some regions like Malaysia.

Is Grilled Chicken Ever Coming Back to KFC?

There are currently no definitive plans for KFC to bring grilled chicken back to its menus. As of 2023, the chain remains focused on its core fried chicken offerings as well as newer innovations like plant-based fried “chicken”.

That said, fast food menus evolve over time to meet changing tastes. KFC has demonstrated a willingness to experiment with grilled chicken in the past. It’s possible the chain could revisit the option in the future if customer demand shifts.

For now, fried chicken remains at the heart of KFC’s offerings. Customers looking for grilled chicken will have to seek out alternative fast food chains or restaurants.

Do Kentucky have the grilled chicken?

No, Kentucky Fried Chicken locations in the U.S. do not currently offer any grilled chicken menu items. KFC discontinued their line of Kentucky Grilled Chicken products back in 2015.

Is KFC grilled chicken discontinued?

Yes, KFC’s grilled chicken offerings were discontinued in 2015. The Kentucky Grilled Chicken menu items like grilled breasts, wings and filets are no longer available at KFC restaurants in the U.S.

Is KFC chicken grilled or fried?

KFC is best known for its fried chicken. All of the core chicken offerings at KFC are fried, not grilled. KFC briefly offered grilled chicken options from 2009-2015, but no longer does.

What is KFC’s Kentucky Grilled Chicken?

Kentucky Grilled Chicken was the name of KFC’s line of grilled chicken menu items when they were available from 2009-2015. It included marinated, grill-seared chicken breasts, wings, and filets. The Kentucky Grilled Chicken was a popular, healthier alternative to KFC’s fried chicken before being discontinued.

What types of grilled chicken did KFC used to offer?

KFC used to offer grilled chicken breast filets, wings, and boneless breasts. The chicken was marinated and grilled until char marks appeared.

Why did KFC get rid of grilled chicken items?

KFC cited declining popularity and sales as the reasons for discontinuing grilled chicken. Most customers still preferred the traditional fried chicken.

Are there any KFC locations that still sell grilled chicken?

There are no KFC locations in the U.S. that still offer grilled chicken. The last remaining grilled chicken items are only found internationally in some regions.

What are some healthier KFC menu options?

While KFC is best known for fried chicken, the chain offers some healthier sides like corn, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and green beans. Salads and grilled chicken sandwiches are also lower calorie KFC menu options (internationally).


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