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Does Kentucky Fried Chicken Have Baked Chicken?

Kentucky Fried Chicken, more commonly known as KFC, built its reputation on its famous fried chicken recipes using Colonel Sanders’ secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. While fried chicken remains the core of KFC’s menu, the fast food chain has expanded its offerings over the years to include other preparation methods besides traditional frying. This leaves many customers wondering – does KFC have baked chicken options?

Does Kentucky Fried Chicken Have Baked Chicken?

After failed attempts to offer rotisserie and grilled chicken in decades past, KFC finally launched nationwide Oven Baked Chicken options in 2021. This represents their most concerted effort yet to provide an alternative to fried chicken.

KFC’s Oven Baked Chicken line includes breast fillets, tenders, wings, and multi-piece meal options. The baked chicken is marinated in KFC’s signature blend of herbs and spices then oven-baked until fully cooked. This preparation method significantly reduces the fat and calories compared to KFC’s traditional fried chicken.

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The baked chicken provides a lighter option for calorie-conscious diners, while still delivering the familiar KFC flavor profile. However, fried chicken remains core to KFC’s identity and makes up the majority of their menu. Frying allows KFC to achieve the ultra-crispy, juicy texture their chicken is renowned for.

So in summary – yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken now offers healthier baked chicken options thanks to their new Oven Baked Chicken line. But the chain built its reputation on fried chicken, and this preparation method still defines the KFC experience and taste. The addition of baked chicken provides more choice, but fried chicken remains the heart and soul of this iconic brand.

KFC’s History with Baked and Grilled Chicken

In the early 1990s, KFC experimented with branching out from fried chicken by introducing rotisserie chicken to select locations. However, the rotisserie chicken was discontinued after poor sales. KFC also previously offered a grilled chicken option, but phased it out in 2014 due to lack of consumer interest.

So while KFC has tried alternate preparations like baking and grilling chicken in the past, these items were removed from menus due to lack of popularity among customers who primarily associate the brand with fried chicken.

KFC’s Current Baked Chicken Offerings

While the baked chicken was not a hit on KFC’s menu historically, the chain is taking another shot at offering the healthier chicken preparation. In 2021, KFC launched an Oven Baked Chicken option at locations across the United States.

The Oven Baked Chicken is marinated in KFC’s signature blend of herbs and spices, then baked until fully cooked. The baked chicken is available in several forms on the menu:

    • Oven Baked Chicken Breast – The classic baked chicken breast fillet, served as an individual piece or as part of a combo meal.
    • Oven Baked Chicken Tenders – Marinated chicken tenderloins baked until crispy.
    • Oven Baked Chicken Wings – Seasoned wings baked with a crispy coating.
    • Oven Baked Chicken Meals – Multi-piece baked chicken meals including breast fillets, wings and/or tenders with sides.

By promoting the Oven Baked Chicken as a lighter, guilt-free alternative to fried chicken, KFC aims to appeal to health-conscious diners seeking lower calorie and fat options. Only time will tell if baked chicken will finally catch on for the famous fried chicken chain.

KFC Cooking Methods: Fried vs. Baked

While fried chicken is still KFC’s crown jewel, baking offers some advantages:

    • Baked chicken contains significantly less fat and calories compared to fried chicken when not taking into account batter or breading.
    • Baking is perceived as a healthier cooking method in general.
    • Baked products don’t require deep fryers in kitchens.

However, frying remains KFC’s expertise and gives the chicken its signature crispy, crunchy coating:

    • Frying seals in moisture and flavors beautifully.
    • Fried chicken has an irresistible texture that baking struggles to replicate.
    • The special KFC breading was designed to fry up extra crispy.

So while KFC now gives health-conscious customers baked chicken options, the chain will likely always be known first and foremost for finger lickin’ good fried chicken.

In summary – KFC currently offers baked but not grilled chicken. Grilled chicken and rotisserie chicken were removed from KFC locations after low sales. And KFC’s fried chicken does go through a breading process before hitting the fryers to make it extra crispy.

The Bottom Line

KFC has reincorporated baked chicken options after previous attempts proved unsuccessful. The new Oven Baked Chicken line provides a lower calorie, lower fat alternative to fried chicken for those seeking healthier fare from the fast food chain.

However, fried chicken still makes up the bulk of KFC’s offerings and remains the product most associated with the brand’s flavor profile. Baked chicken gives customers more choice, but KFC’s core identity is tied intrinsically to their famous secret recipe fried chicken.

Does KFC have baked or grilled chicken?

KFC currently offers baked chicken nationwide with their Oven Baked Chicken menu options launched in 2021, including breast fillets, tenders, wings and meals. However, KFC no longer offers grilled chicken. They previously had a grilled chicken option but removed it from menus in 2014 due to poor sales.

Did KFC get rid of grilled chicken?

Yes, KFC did discontinue their grilled chicken option in 2014. The grilled chicken was introduced in the late 2000s as a lower fat alternative to KFC’s fried chicken, but it never caught on with customers and was eventually phased out due to lack of consumer interest.

Did KFC ever have rotisserie chicken?

KFC tested rotisserie chicken on select menus in the early 1990s. However, it was discontinued shortly after due to poor performance. Rotisserie chicken failed to resonate with customers who associated KFC primarily with fried chicken.

Do they bread the chicken at KFC?

Yes, KFC does bread their chicken before frying it. Breading the chicken is what gives KFC’s fried chicken its signature crispy coating. The exact blend of flour and spices used in KFC’s breading is a secret recipe. While the baked chicken is not breaded, KFC does marinate it in spices prior to baking.

Does KFC marinate their chicken?

While the exact marination process is proprietary, KFC marinates their chicken in a blend of seasoning and their signature 11 herbs and spices. This marination flavors the chicken whether it is fried or baked.

How is KFC’s baked chicken different from their fried chicken?

KFC’s baked chicken is not battered or breaded and contains significantly less fat and calories since it is not deep fried. However, it is marinated and seasoned to provide a signature KFC flavor.

Is baked chicken healthier than fried chicken?

Generally yes, baked chicken is healthier than fried chicken. Baking chicken avoids the oils and fats used in deep frying, resulting in fewer calories and less saturated fat per serving compared to fried chicken when not taking into account batter.

What cut of chicken does KFC use?

KFC uses quality whole chicken cuts in their meals. Their chicken on the bone pieces are typically drumsticks, thighs, wings and breast portions. The chicken tenders and fillets are made from breast meat.


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