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Does Kentucky Fried Chicken Take EBT Cards?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a popular fast food chain known for its fried chicken. A common question is whether KFC accepts EBT cards as payment. The short answer is yes, but with some restrictions. Keep reading to learn KFC’s EBT policy in detail.

Does Kentucky Fried Chicken Take EBT Cards?

Yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken does accept EBT cards as a form of payment. However, there are restrictions on what can be purchased with EBT benefits at KFC locations.

EBT cards, also known as food stamp benefits, can only be used to purchase cold, uncooked food items at KFC. This includes fried chicken pieces like Original Recipe or Extra Crispy chicken, as well as sides like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, biscuits, and corn on the cob.

Hot, prepared food items like fried chicken meals, sandwiches, and french fries are not eligible for EBT payment when ordering at KFC. Additionally, non-food items like beverages and desserts cannot be paid for using EBT benefits.

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So in summary – while KFC does accept EBT cards, the items that can be purchased are limited mainly to cold fried chicken, popcorn chicken, tenders, and approved sides. EBT cardholders will need to use another form of payment like cash, credit/debit card or mobile wallet to cover any hot meals, sandwiches, snacks and drinks not covered by EBT at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It’s advisable to check with your local KFC ahead of visiting to confirm participation in EBT acceptance, as policies may vary between franchise locations. When paying with EBT, inform the cashier beforehand and have a separate payment method ready for any non-EBT eligible items you wish to purchase. Adhering to the EBT guidelines at Kentucky Fried Chicken will ensure a smooth transaction using your benefits.

What Items Can You Buy with EBT at KFC?

KFC does accept EBT cards, also known as food stamps. However, EBT can only be used to purchase cold food items at KFC. This includes:

    • Fried chicken pieces (Original Recipe, Extra Crispy)
    • Popcorn chicken
    • Chicken tenders
    • Sides like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, corn, biscuits

Hot prepared meals, sandwiches, fries, and non-food items are not eligible for EBT. You’ll need another form of payment for those.

Does KFC Accept EBT in Your State?

Most KFC locations across the United States accept EBT cards. However, it’s a good idea to check with your local restaurant first to confirm, as participation may vary.

For example, sources indicate that KFC accepts EBT in high-population states like Texas, Arizona, and Kentucky. But the policy may differ across counties. Calling ahead removes any uncertainty.

Using EBT for KFC Delivery and Online Orders

Unfortunately, KFC does not allow EBT benefit redemption through delivery or online ordering at this time. EBT cards can only be used to purchase eligible items in-person at participating KFC restaurants.

So if you want KFC delivered to your home, you’ll need to pay with a credit/debit card, third-party food delivery app, or other digital wallet service.

Tips for Using EBT at KFC

Follow these tips to ensure a smooth EBT transaction when visiting Kentucky Fried Chicken:

    • Confirm eligible items with cashier before ordering
    • Inform cashier you’ll be using EBT to pay
    • Have another payment method for non-eligible items
    • Save receipt to track benefits balance
    • Contact customer service if any issues with acceptance

So in summary, KFC does take EBT but with limitations. Always verify local policies and use EBT carefully when dining at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Can you use EBT at Subway in Kentucky?

Yes, most Subway locations in Kentucky do accept EBT cards as a form of payment. However, EBT benefits can only be used to purchase cold sandwiches, salads, and snack items at Subway. Any hot sandwiches or prepared meals cannot be purchased with EBT.

Does KFC accept EBT in AZ?

Yes, most KFC locations in Arizona accept EBT cards. But as with all states, EBT can only be used to buy cold food items like fried chicken, sides, and snacks at KFC. Hot meals are not eligible for EBT payment.

Does KFC accept EBT in Texas?

Yes, KFC locations across Texas accept EBT benefits for cold food purchases. Hot meals, sandwiches, and non-food items cannot be bought with EBT cards at Texas KFC restaurants.

Can you buy dog food with EBT in Kentucky?

No, dog food and other pet food items cannot be purchased with EBT/SNAP benefits in Kentucky or any other state. EBT can only be used to buy food for human consumption. Pet food is not considered an eligible item under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Does KFC accept food stamps?

Yes, KFC accepts EBT food stamp benefits. However, only pre-packaged cold food items are eligible for EBT payment.

Can you use EBT for KFC delivery?

No, EBT cards cannot be used for KFC delivery, online orders, or in-app purchases. EBT can only be used in-store.

Can I buy hot chicken with EBT at KFC?

No, hot prepared food items like fried chicken meals and sandwiches are not eligible for EBT payment at Kentucky Fried Chicken.


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