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Does Beyond Fried Chicken Taste Good?

Beyond Fried Chicken from KFC is the fast food chain’s latest foray into plant-based meat alternatives. But the big question on everyone’s mind is – how does it actually taste?

Does Beyond Fried Chicken Taste Good?

The short answer is yes, Beyond Fried Chicken does taste good. It provides a remarkably close plant-based alternative to the flavors and textures of traditional fried chicken. When you bite into a piece of Beyond Fried Chicken, you’ll notice an initial crispy, crunchy breaded exterior that gives way to a juicy, savory interior. The texture showcases an impressive chewy, fibrous chicken-like mouthfeel using plant-based protein sources like peas and rice.

In terms of flavor, spices and seasoning are added to mimic the taste of chicken quite convincingly. It hits all the right notes – salty, savory, with well-balanced herbs and spices. While it doesn’t 100% nail that chicken umami flavor, it comes extremely close. With the crisp outside and tender, juicy inside, Beyond Fried Chicken nails the classic fried chicken profile in both taste and texture.

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Some differences do exist. The crispiness might be slightly softer compared to true fried chicken. The plant-based proteins also provide a different chew that doesn’t completely mimic the fibrous strands of chicken meat. However, the seasoning helps mask these differences.

Overall, Beyond Fried Chicken delivers on providing a flavorful, craveable plant-based fried chicken experience. It looks, tastes, and crunches like chicken. For those seeking a realistic chicken alternative, Beyond Fried Chicken is a winner. While not identical, it satisfies fried chicken cravings and tastes great in its own right as a unique spin on a comfort food classic.

A Convincing Chicken Flavor

Reviews of Beyond Fried Chicken have been largely positive when it comes to taste. The texture and flavor profile mimics chicken quite well, with a crispy breaded exterior and juicy meat-like interior. The blend of plant-based proteins and seasonings results in a flavor that is remarkably similar to the real thing. While it may not be quite indistinguishable, Beyond Fried Chicken offers a convincingly close plant-based alternative for fried chicken.

Satisfying the Craving

For those craving the flavor of fried chicken but looking to avoid meat, Beyond Fried Chicken does the trick. The similarity in taste and texture goes a long way in satisfying comfort food cravings. While some discernible differences may exist, Beyond Fried Chicken nails the crispy crunch and savory juiciness that makes fried chicken so craveable. The flavoring and breading help mask the plant-based origins, making this a solid option for meatless Monday or anytime you want to indulge guilt-free.

Room for Improvement

While reactions have been positive overall, some testers note Beyond Fried Chicken could use some tweaks to better mimic the real deal. The plant-based chicken can have a slightly softer crunch and chewier texture compared to chicken meat. And the flavor, while close, doesn’t fully nail that chicken umami taste. Small tweaks to the recipe like amping up the seasoning, spices, or using different plant proteins could potentially push the flavor profile even closer.

Conclusion: A Worthy Plant-Based Option

When it comes to taste, Beyond Fried Chicken stacks up surprisingly well against classic fried chicken. For those who miss the flavors of KFC but want to stick to plant-based options, Beyond Fried Chicken offers a crispy, juicy, meaty texture and flavor. While not identical, it comes impressively close to the real thing. For plant-based eaters or flexitarians looking to cut back on meat, Beyond Fried Chicken is a tasty new option worth trying.

Does Beyond Fried Chicken contain any animal products?

Beyond Fried Chicken is 100% plant-based with no animal derived ingredients. It is safe for vegetarians and vegans. The main protein sources come from peas and rice.

What does KFC Beyond Chicken taste like?

KFC Beyond Chicken has a remarkably similar taste and texture to actual fried chicken. It features a crispy, crunchy breaded exterior that gives way to a juicy, savory plant-based chicken-like interior.

The blend of proteins and seasoning creates a flavor profile that convincingly mimics the saltiness, savoriness, and spice blend of KFC’s signature fried chicken. While not exactly identical, KFC Beyond Chicken comes extremely close to the real thing in terms of flavor for a plant-based alternative.

Is Beyond Fried Chicken as good as other Beyond Meats?

Beyond Fried Chicken lives up to Beyond Meat’s other plant-based options. The company is known for extremely realistic plant-based replicas. While maybe not Beyond’s most convincing product, Beyond Fried Chicken provides a tasty plant-based fried chicken substitute on par with competitors.

What does KFC plant-based chicken taste like?

KFC’s plant-based chicken alternative delivers on texture and taste to match the real thing. Biting into a piece showcases that crispy crunchy breading giving way to a juicy interior with a fibrous, meaty chew. The plant-based protein has been seasoned and spiced to recreate KFC’s iconic 11 herbs and spices blend.

The result is a flavor that captures the savory umami taste of chicken along with the secret KFC spice blend. While discernible differences exist, KFC’s plant-based chicken replicates both the flavor and enjoyment of eating traditional fried chicken.

What is the texture of Beyond Fried Chicken?

Beyond Fried Chicken mimics the texture of actual fried chicken very closely. It has a crispy, crunchy breaded exterior that crackles when you bite into it. The interior has a stringy, fibrous texture resembling pulled chicken meat.

The plant-based protein sources like pea and rice protein were selected to recreate the mouthfeel and chew of savory chicken meat. While slightly softer and chewier, Beyond Fried Chicken nails the juicy, tender interior encased in a crispy crust.

Should vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians try Beyond Fried Chicken?

Those looking to cut back on meat or stick to vegetarian/vegan diets should absolutely give Beyond Fried Chicken a try. While not identical to true fried chicken, the similarities are strong enough to satisfy comfort food cravings. Beyond Fried Chicken offers plant-based eaters a new way to indulge guilt-free.

Does Beyond Meat taste like chicken?

Beyond Meat strives to accurately recreate the flavors, textures and eating experience of chicken using plant-based proteins. Seasoning and food science gives Beyond Meat products like Beyond Fried Chicken or grilled chicken a convincingly savory, salty, umami chicken-like taste.

The plant-based ingredients can’t fully replicate chicken flavor 100%, but come extremely close. Beyond Meat delivers the spice, seasoning, crispiness, and juiciness you’d expect with chicken for a highly convincing plant-based replica.


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