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Does Costco Sell Fried Chicken?

Costco is known for its expansive warehouse stores stocked with bulk items and discounted prices. The popular wholesale retailer offers a wide variety of products, from giant packs of paper towels to televisions and appliances. But does Costco sell ready-to-eat fried chicken for shoppers?

Does Costco Sell Fried Chicken?

The short answer is: Yes, but with caveats. Costco does provide a few fried chicken offerings at select locations, but daily, made-to-order fried chicken is not a staple menu item.

Specifically, some Costco food courts will sell fried chicken pieces like breasts, wings, and tenders on a seasonal, limited-time basis. However, this varies greatly by individual store and region. The fried chicken is pre-cooked off-site and simply reheated under heat lamps when ordered. Pricing ranges from $4.99 to $7.99 for average-sized portions.

In addition, while Costco rotisserie chickens are immensely popular, these deli birds are not actually fried. They are oven-roasted. Costco does sell some frozen fried chicken products under its Kirkland Signature house brand as well, including breaded nuggets and strips.

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While Costco does provide certain fried chicken options on a temporary basis depending on location, the warehouse club is not a reliable daily source for freshly fried chicken. The stores focus more on high-volume basics like pizza, hot dogs, and their signature rotisserie chickens.

Customers looking for regular fried chicken meals are better served by fast food chains and local restaurants dedicated to preparing fresh fried chicken every day.

What Fried Chicken Options Does Costco Offer?

While Costco does not have an in-store fried chicken counter or hot prepared foods section like some grocery stores, certain locations do offer limited fried chicken options:

    • Food Court – Some Costco food courts sell fried chicken baked in-store under heat lamps. This includes fried chicken breasts, fried chicken wings, and chicken tenders. Available seasonally.
    • Rotisserie Chicken – Costco famously sells whole rotisserie chickens at the deli counter. The pre-cooked chickens are not fried but are very popular.
    • Frozen Fried Chicken – Costco stores carry Kirkland Signature frozen breaded chicken breast fillets, chicken nuggets, and chicken strips that customers can purchase and fry at home.
    • Special Event Catering – For member events, Costco will prepare party-size fried chicken platters or boxes along with sides like mashed potatoes and coleslaw. This requires special order.

So while everyday shoppers cannot grab freshly fried chicken daily at Costco, limited prepared chicken is available at certain locations. Check with your local warehouse to see if they offer fried chicken items in the food court or freezer section.

Does Costco have their own chicken farm?

No, Costco does not own or operate their own poultry farms for chicken production. The famous Costco rotisserie chickens sold at the deli counter are sourced from major U.S. chicken providers like Lincoln Premium Poultry, Foster Farms, and others.

Costco has supply contracts and works closely with these big chicken producers to obtain quality chickens at low prices for their stores. But Costco itself does not raise or process chickens directly. The warehouse model focuses on purchasing, marketing, and distributing chicken – not farming.

How many roasted chickens does Costco sell?

According to Costco, over 60 million rotisserie chickens are sold per year across its stores worldwide. That averages out to nearly 8,000 chickens sold per hour. The famously affordable $4.99 rotisserie chicken has become a staple for many Costco shoppers, making it one of the retailer’s top selling prepared food items. Costco roasts, seasons, and packages the chickens on-site at each warehouse location daily.

Is Costco fried chicken made fresh daily?

No, the Costco food courts do not fry chicken fresh to order. The fried chicken is pre-cooked, breaded, and packaged before being heated and served.

What days/hours is fried chicken available at Costco?

Fried chicken offerings vary by location and season. Most stores sell it on weekends or only during peak summer months on a limited schedule. Check with your store for availability.

Why are Costco chicken so big?

At 4.5 to 5 pounds each, Costco’s rotisserie chickens are noticeably larger than the typical grocery store chicken. This is achieved through selective breeding, feeding, and processing by Costco’s major poultry suppliers like Lincoln Premium Poultry. By working closely with providers, Costco aims to procure the biggest chickens possible for the rotisserie program. The larger size means more meat and value per chicken at the popular $4.99 price point.

Does Costco sell their chicken wings?

Yes, chicken wings are available for purchase at Costco stores. However, the wings are not part of the fresh deli chicken offerings. Rather, Costco sells frozen and seasoned chicken wings under its Kirkland Signature house brand, often stocked seasonally. The frozen wings can be taken home to bake, fry, or grill. Kirkland wings provide a more cost-effective option than buying wings from the deli counter.

How much does Costco charge for fried chicken?

Pricing is set by individual locations but expect food court fried chicken to cost $4.99 to $7.99 for an order. Frozen packages are more cost effective per pound.

Can you buy Costco fried chicken without a membership?

No, a current Costco membership is required to purchase items from food courts and freezer sections. Only the pharmacy and liquor store are exempted.


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