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Can You Get High From Fried Chicken?

Fried chicken is a beloved comfort food for many people. The crispy coating and juicy meat makes for an irresistible and flavorful meal. But some people wonder – can you actually get high from eating fried chicken? The short answer is no. Here’s a deeper look at why fried chicken won’t cause a high.

Can You Get High From Fried Chicken?

No, it is not possible to get high from eating fried chicken. Here is a detailed explanation; The main psychoactive compound that can produce a high is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is found in marijuana plants and induces a euphoric, mind-altering state when consumed. Chicken does not naturally contain any THC or have the ability to generate this compound when fried.

For fried chicken to get you high, the batter or breading would need to be infused with a large dose of THC or other recreational drugs. It would take an impractical amount of marijuana or other substances to achieve a high from eating fried chicken. The cost to purchase those drugs makes it extremely unlikely a restaurant or home cook would secretly add them to a fried chicken recipe.

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Additionally, eating foods rich in compounds like tryptophan or glucose will not get you high or induce a psychoactive effect. While they may make you feel sleepy or satisfied, consuming large amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, or nutrients found in chicken does not cause a high.

Theoretically, almost any food could get you high if it was infused with potent levels of THC or other recreational drugs. But since chicken contains no psychoactive compounds naturally, and it would be prohibitively expensive to add mind-altering substances to it, you cannot and will not get high from eating normal fried chicken prepared in restaurants or at home. It is a beloved comfort food, but not a psychedelic one!

What’s In Fried Chicken That Could Cause A High?

Theoretically, the ingredients in fried chicken could have mind-altering effects. The herbs and spices added to the breading could include marijuana or other substances that induce a high. Additionally, frying chicken in oil converts some of the starches to glucose, which causes a small spike in blood sugar. This increase in blood sugar could potentially cause a mild euphoric feeling.

However, it’s highly unlikely that any fried chicken you order at a restaurant or prepare at home would contain enough mind-altering substances to cause a high. Recreational drugs are expensive, and no cooks are going to waste marijuana or other THC-inducing ingredients by secretly adding them to fried chicken batter.

Can Frying Chicken In CBD Oil Get You High?

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound derived from cannabis plants. However, CBD does not induce psychoactive effects or a euphoric high. Rather, CBD is used for its proposed therapeutic purposes like pain relief and reduced anxiety.

Some people fry foods in CBD oil in the hopes of infusing dishes with CBD’s beneficial properties. However, frying chicken in CBD oil will not cause a high. The heat from frying degrades and neutralizes the CBD, leaving little to none leftover in the finished dish.

So feel free to fry chicken in CBD oil for its flavor, but don’t expect to get high from eating it.

The Takeaway

In summary, getting high from eating regular fried chicken is very unlikely. The amount of potentially mind-altering substances needed to cause a high would be impractical to secretly incorporate into a fried chicken recipe. Additionally, frying chicken in CBD oil does not lead to psychoactive effects, as the CBD is destroyed by heat during cooking.

So while fried chicken is utterly delicious, it won’t send you on a psychedelic trip no matter how it’s prepared. Focus on enjoying its crispy crunchy goodness, and don’t go into it expecting a high!

What could make fried chicken cause a high?

Theoretically, very high doses of THC, marijuana, or other psychoactive compounds added to the breading and absorbed through the skin into the meat could induce a high. But it’s highly impractical and expensive to make altered fried chicken this way.

Does eating a lot of fried chicken get you high from nutrients like tryptophan?

No, there are no compounds found naturally in chicken that would cause a high in any amount. Consuming a lot of protein like chicken may make you feel sleepy, but it does not cause a psychoactive effect.

Can you get withdrawal if you eat fried chicken every day then stop?

It’s very unlikely. Fried chicken does not contain addictive drugs. Some people may experience mental cravings for fried chicken if they eat it frequently then abstain. But there would be no physical withdrawal symptoms.

What oil is best for frying chicken to get the most nutrients?

The healthiest oils for frying are avocado and coconut oil, which have high smoke points and contain beneficial fats. Avoid vegetable and seed oils like canola, corn, and sunflower oil, which oxidize easily and can produce harmful free radicals when heated.

Is fried chicken less healthy without the skin?

Yes, chicken skin is high in saturated fat. Removing the skin eliminates much of the excess calories and fat from fried chicken. However, the chicken meat will still absorb a good amount of oil from frying. Eating fried chicken, even without the skin, should be done in moderation.


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