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Can You Go Inside Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Kentucky Fried Chicken, more commonly known as KFC, is one of the world’s largest fast food chicken chains. With over 24,000 locations in over 145 countries, KFC is known for its signature fried chicken. But can you actually go inside a KFC restaurant and dine-in?

Can You Go Inside Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Yes, you can go inside most Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants and dine-in. The majority of KFC locations are set up for both takeout and dine-in customers.

When you go inside a KFC, you’ll typically find a dining area with tables and seats to accommodate people who want to eat their meals in the restaurant. The decor often reflects KFC’s founder Colonel Harland Sanders with vintage photos and decorative elements modeling his image.

At a KFC dine-in, you can order anything off the full menu board from buckets of Original Recipe chicken to combo meals, sandwiches, sides, and more. Employees will cook up fresh batches of chicken continuously throughout the day. The signature 11 herbs and spices marinade and pressure frying process happens on-site to deliver the crispy, flavorful fried chicken KFC is famous for.

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So when you go inside to eat at KFC, you can expect hot, juicy chicken that was freshly prepared that day. Other perks of dining in include accessing self-serve soda fountains for drinks in some locations. KFC staff will also happily bring your takeout order to a table if you prefer to dine-in. While amenities like WiFi vary by location, the delicious smell of fried chicken will fill the air as you savor your meal inside.

Inside the KFC Dining Experience

Yes, most KFC locations do allow for dine-in eating! KFC restaurants typically have seating and tables available for customers who want to enjoy their meals inside the restaurant. The interior decor of KFC locations is often styled after founder Colonel Harland Sanders with vintage photos and Americana-themed elements.

When you dine-in at KFC, you can order from the full menu board showcasing all the fried chicken, sides, sandwiches and more. KFC is best known for its Original Recipe chicken seasoned with the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. Dining inside allows you to fully enjoy hot, crispy chicken right out of the fryers along with side dishes like mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits and coleslaw.

Some KFC locations may offer additional dining room features like self-serve soda fountains so you can enjoy refreshing drinks with your meal. High-volume urban KFC spots may be more focused on quick takeout and have less seating. But most suburban and rural KFC stores welcome customers to sit down and savor the finger lickin’ good chicken experience.

KFC Menu Options and Prices

If you go inside a KFC, here are some popular meal options and prices to expect:

    • 12 Piece Bucket of Chicken – Starting around $20 for a bucket of Original Recipe or Extra Crispy chicken.
    • $10 Meal Box – Options vary but often include chicken tenders, potato wedges, biscuit, medium drink and cookie.
    • Sandwiches – Classic chicken sandwiches start around $5 like the Chicken Sandwich or Crispy Colonel.
    • Sides – Individual sides like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, corn, biscuits, around $3 each.
    • Value Meals – Meals with chicken, sides and biscuits start around $6.

KFC Chicken Preparation

KFC chicken is always cooked at KFC restaurants, it does not come to stores pre-cooked. The chicken is freshly prepared every day at each location. The chicken marinated in the signature blend of herbs and spices before getting breaded and pressure fried in Cookers specially designed to fry the chicken to crispy, golden brown perfection. Employees working in the kitchen continuously cook up fresh batches of chicken all day long.

So when you go inside a KFC, you can be assured the hot chicken you’re eating was prepared with care recently on-site. The aroma of flavorsome fried chicken will fill the dining room when you take a seat and wait for your bucket or box of finger lickin’ good KFC chicken.

How much is a 12 piece bucket of chicken at KFC?

A 12 piece bucket of KFC’s Original Recipe or Extra Crispy chicken typically costs around $20. Prices may vary slightly by location but expect to pay around this amount for a dozen pieces of fried chicken from KFC.

How is the chicken cooked at KFC?

KFC fries its chicken fresh in stores daily. Chicken is marinated in the signature blend of 11 herbs and spices then hand breaded and pressure fried in special Cookers to crisp it up. Employees work in the kitchen throughout the day cooking up new batches of chicken continuously to serve hot and fresh.

What comes in a $10 box at KFC?

The $10 meal boxes at KFC contain different options but often include around 3-4 pieces of chicken tenders, potato wedges, a biscuit, medium drink and a cookie. Sides like mashed potatoes or coleslaw may substitute in as well but expect a complete meal with both food and drink for $10.

Is KFC chicken already cooked?

No, KFC does not serve pre-cooked chicken. Every piece of original recipe and extra crispy chicken is freshly prepared in each restaurant’s kitchen daily. The frying process happens on-site to ensure the chicken is served hot, crisp and full of flavorful herbs and spices.


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