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White Cut Chicken vs Hainanese Chicken: What is The Difference?

White cut chicken and Hainanese chicken are two classic Cantonese-style poached chicken dishes that are popular in Asia and with foodies around the world. But what’s the difference between these two soothing, comforting chicken soups?

What is White Cut Chicken?

White cut chicken, also known as white sliced chicken, is a poached chicken dish where the chicken is cut into bite-sized pieces after cooking. The name refers to the pale white color of the cooked chicken meat.

To make white cut chicken, a whole chicken is gently poached in water flavored with sliced ginger and green onions. Once cooked, the chicken meat is allowed to cool slightly before being cut into slices or chunks. The chicken is then soaked in ice water to further enhance its white color. It’s served in a steaming hot pot, soaked in the poaching broth.

Some key features of white cut chicken:

    • Chicken poached gently to retain moisture and tenderness
    • Meat sliced or chunked after cooking
    • Served in hot pot of poaching broth
    • Emphasis on pale white color of the cooked chicken

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What is Hainan chicken?

Hainanese chicken is another poached chicken dish, originating from Hainan province in southern China. Unlike white cut chicken, the chicken is served whole after cooking.

To make Hainanese chicken, the chicken is cleaned thoroughly then brushed with sesame oil and poached gently in hot water and ginger. The cooked chicken is then briefly drizzled with cold water or soaked in ice to help lock in the juices. The chicken is served whole, alongside the hot poaching broth, dipping sauces, and condiments like ginger or green onions.

Key features of Hainanese chicken:

    • Whole chicken poached gently
    • Served complete with head, feet, etc.
    • Chilled briefly after cooking
    • Served with hot broth for dipping
    • Condiments like ginger, green onions, sauces

Differences Between the Two Dishes

While both dishes involve poached chicken, there are some notable differences:

    • White cut chicken is sliced after cooking, Hainanese chicken is served whole
    • Hainanese chicken is seasoned simply with sesame oil, white cut chicken is poached in seasoned broth
    • White cut chicken emphasizes the pale white meat, Hainanese chicken focuses on silky texture
    • Hainanese chicken is served with condiments, white cut chicken is served in soup
    • White cut chicken highlights the broth, Hainanese chicken highlights the chicken

Hainanese chicken is poached in a more plain fashion to highlight the natural flavors of the meat. White cut chicken coaxes more flavor out of the chicken with its seasoned poaching liquid.

Which Chicken Dish Should I Try?

If you’re new to these soothing chicken soups, Hainanese chicken is a good introductory dish – you’ll get pure, unadorned chicken flavor. For a heartier meal, go for white cut chicken with its richer soup. Or try both to compare these nuanced chicken dishes side by side!

Whichever you select, both make for a deeply satisfying and comforting meal, perfect for chilly weather or when you’re feeling under the weather. These classic chicken dishes have survived for a reason – they soothe body and soul.

Why is it called white cut chicken?

White cut chicken is called that name because the chicken is cut into slices or chunks after it has been poached, and the cooked chicken meat has a distinctive pale white color. The name describes two key characteristics – the white color of the cooked chicken, and the fact that it is cut up after cooking rather than served whole. The pale white color comes from gently poaching the chicken and then soaking it in ice water to enhance the white color of the cooked meat.

What is the difference between Thai and Hainanese chicken?

The main differences between Thai chicken and Hainanese chicken are:

    • Thai chicken is marinated before cooking, Hainanese is simply seasoned with sesame oil
    • Thai chicken is fried or grilled, Hainanese chicken is poached
    • Thai chicken is usually chopped up, Hainanese chicken is served whole
    • Thai chicken has bold, spicy, sweet flavors, Hainanese chicken has subtle flavors
    • Thai chicken is eaten on its own, Hainanese chicken is dipped in broth/sauces
    • Thai chicken uses various cuts like wings, breasts, Hainanese uses a whole chicken

In summary, Thai chicken tends to be spicier, more intensely flavored, and served chopped up, while Hainanese chicken focuses on light poaching flavors and serving the chicken whole.

What is the white Chinese chicken called?

There are a few different white Chinese chicken dishes, but the most well known is white cut chicken. As described above, white cut chicken features poached chicken that is cut up after cooking, and served in its hot poaching broth to highlight the distinctive pale white color of the cooked meat.

What type of chicken is used?

Both dishes typically use a whole fresh chicken. The chicken breed itself can vary. For the most tender, flavorful meat, seek out high-quality fresh chickens.

Are the dishes spicy?

Neither white cut chicken nor Hainanese chicken are spicy dishes. They focus on soothing, delicate chicken flavors rather than heat. However, you can add chili sauce or other spicy condiments to your taste.


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