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Sakura Chicken vs Anxin Chicken: Which is Better?

With the rise in popularity of organic and free-range chicken, more chicken brands promoting natural and antibiotic-free poultry have emerged in the market. Two of the most well-known brands are Sakura Chicken and Anxin Chicken. But what exactly sets them apart and which one offers the better quality chicken?

What is Sakura Chicken?

Sakura Chicken is a premium chicken brand in Asia known for its free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free poultry. Its chickens are fed a vegetarian diet and raised in spacious barns that allow them to roam freely. This natural environment reduces stress and promotes the chickens’ natural behaviors.

The lack of antibiotics also means the chicken has lower chances of carrying drug-resistant bacteria. As a result, Sakura chicken is touted as a healthier and safer choice compared to conventional poultry.

What is the Difference Between Anxin Chicken and Sakura Chicken?

Anxin Chicken is another brand that offers free-range, chemical-free chicken like Sakura. However, there are some key differences between the two brands:

    • Feed – Sakura chickens are fed a completely vegetarian diet. Anxin chickens are fed a diet containing some fishmeal.
    • Breed – Sakura uses the Sasso breed while Anxin uses its own proprietary breed. The Anxin breed is promoted as more tender and juicy.
    • Price – Anxin chicken commands a lower price tag than the premium Sakura chicken.
    • Range – Sakura chicken can only be found in certain Asian countries like Singapore and Hong Kong while Anxin is distributed more widely in China.

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Does Sakura Chicken Contain Antibiotics?

One of Sakura’s biggest selling points is that its chickens are raised without any antibiotics. The lack of antibiotics means the meat has lower chances of having drug-resistant bacteria that can be harmful to human health.

According to the company’s website, Sakura chickens are not given any antibiotics during the entire breeding process. The chickens rely on their healthy immune systems and the spacious, clean environment to prevent diseases.

By contrast, many mass market chicken brands routinely administer antibiotics to their chickens to prevent illnesses and maximize growth, even if the chickens are not sick. The overuse of antibiotics can breed “superbugs” that become resistant to medication.

What is the Best Company to Buy Chicken From?

When it comes to buying quality chicken, Sakura Chicken and Anxin Chicken are two of the best options for natural, antibiotic-free poultry. Here is a quick comparison:

    • Sakura Chicken offers premium quality with their free-range, vegetarian-fed chickens. But their price point is also the highest.
    • Anxin Chicken provides a good mid-range option between cheap conventional chicken and premium ones like Sakura. Their quality is still respectable without the hefty Sakura price tag.
    • For budget-conscious buyers, Anxin gives you chemical and antibiotic-free chicken at a more affordable cost. Sakura is better for those who want top-notch quality and don’t mind paying more.

The bottom line – Sakura Chicken provides some of the highest quality poultry from chickens raised in a natural environment without antibiotics. But Anxin gives you a decent alternative at a lower cost if you are looking for good value. When sourcing for chemical and antibiotic-free chicken, both Sakura and Anxin are recommended brands to buy from.

What is the difference between Sakura chicken and regular chicken?

The main differences are that Sakura chicken is free-range, fed a vegetarian diet, and raised without antibiotics or hormones. Regular chicken is often mass produced in crowded barns, fed animal byproducts, and routinely given antibiotics.

Is Sakura chicken better than organic chicken?

Sakura chicken adheres to standards that meet or exceed typical organic chicken. Both are raised without antibiotics and chemicals. However, Sakura chicken has more space to roam on a free-range farm compared to some organic chickens. But organic certification has stricter requirements on feed and environmental impact.

Does Sakura chicken taste better?

Many people find Sakura chicken to be more tender, juicy and flavorful compared to regular chicken. The natural diet and stress-free environment are believed to make the meat taste better.

Is Sakura chicken expensive?

Yes, Sakura chicken costs more than regular chicken, but the premium is for its free-range, antibiotic-free quality standards. It still costs less than some other boutique chicken brands on the market.

Does Anxin chicken use antibiotics?

No, Anxin chickens are raised without any antibiotics, similar to Sakura chicken. However, their feed contains some fishmeal unlike the vegetarian diet for Sakura chickens.


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