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How Much Does Fried Chicken Cost in Korea?

Fried chicken, known as chikin (치킨) in Korean, is one of the most popular foods in South Korea. Its popularity has led to an explosion of fried chicken restaurants, chains and even 24-hour delivery services across the country. But just how much does this crispy, crunchy chicken cost in Korea?

How Much Does Fried Chicken Cost in Korea?

A typical order of fried chicken from a restaurant or chain in Korea costs between 10,000 to 15,000 won ($8-$12 USD). This is for about 8-12 pieces of chicken, depending on the cut and size. Most Korean fried chicken places offer mix and match options with wings, drums, thighs and breasts. Extra large or jumbo cuts can cost up to 3,000 won ($2.50 USD) per piece.

At the low end, some budget takeaway joints and street food stalls sell smaller orders of fried chicken for as little as 5,000 won ($4 USD). On the higher end, fancy or imported chicken brands at restaurants and department store food courts charge up to 25,000 won ($20 USD) for an 8-12 piece meal.

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When ordering delivery, fried chicken costs an additional 1,000 – 4,000 won ($0.80 – $3.30 USD) for the service fee. Overall though, fried chicken remains very affordable in Korea, especially as communal food to share.

Why Fried Chicken so Popular in Korea?

Fried chicken first gained popularity in Korea in the 1970s and 1980s, when it was seen as an exotic food tied to American culture. As Korea modernized and Western influences grew, fried chicken took off as street food, snacks and late night delivery choices.

Some reasons why fried chicken is so beloved today include:

    • Korea’s strong delivery and takeout food culture makes it easy to order fried chicken even late at night.
    • Fried chicken pairs well with beer, so it’s become a staple food for drinking sessions and social gatherings.
    • It also works as a meal, snack or side dish, fitting into Korean dining habits flexibly.
    • Korean fried chicken has evolved with new flavors, recipes and restaurant chains devoted to serving it.
    • Food trends like that of fried chicken easily catch on in Korea’s tech-savvy, youthful society.
    • It’s seen as a symbol of economic development and modernization, a kind of comfort food with foreign origins.

So while fried chicken was imported to Korea, it has truly become a staple food here that locals have embraced as their own. With its reasonable prices and social appeal, this crispy treat will likely continue to satisfy Korean tastes for a long time to come.

How much is Korean chicken in Korea?

Authentic Korean fried chicken costs about the same as regular fried chicken in Korea, ranging from 10,000-15,000 won ($8-$12) for 8-12 pieces. Some Korean chains known for specialty sauces and recipes like Kyochon, Mexicana Chicken, and BB.Q Chicken charge 12,000-18,000 won ($10-$15). The extra flavors and spices come at a small premium but make for a beloved Korean-style fried chicken experience.

How can I save money on fried chicken in Korea?

Opt for takeaway, eat it as a snack rather than meal, go to budget chains, or look for lunchtime discounts. Sharing a bucket or combo deal also brings down the per person cost.

What’s the best fried chicken delivery app to use?

Top Korean fried chicken delivery apps include Baedaltong, Yogiyo and Coupang Eats. They offer promos and discounts especially for new users.

How much does a meal cost in South Korea?

A meal at an average restaurant in South Korea typically costs 15,000 – 25,000 won ($12 – $20 USD) per person. Korean barbecue meals are 30,000 – 50,000 won ($25 – $40) per person. Budget meals like ramen or bibimbap can be 8,000 – 12,000 won ($6 – $10). High-end restaurants in Seoul can be over 100,000 won ($80) per person. So Korean food prices are very reasonable overall, especially for fried chicken.

Can I negotiate fried chicken prices in Korea?

Not usually, as most prices at chains and restaurants are fixed. However, street food carts may lower prices for larger orders.

Are fried chicken prices the same across Korea?

Prices are mostly consistent nationally. However, expect slightly higher prices in Seoul or at airports, train stations and other travel hubs.

Why do Koreans like fried chicken so much?

Koreans love fried chicken because it pairs perfectly with beer, works as a snack or meal, and has become ingrained into food culture through chains devoted to it. The late night delivery and takeout options also make fried chicken a go-to choice.

As a symbol of modernization with American origins, fried chicken additionally took off as exotic and trendy. The reasonable prices, abundant choices and social appeal have secured its place as a Korean favorite today.

Is tipping required for fried chicken delivery in Korea?

Tipping is not common in Korea. Most customers do not tip, though some may round up the bill for exceptional service.


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