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Does Mustard Fried Chicken Taste Like Mustard?

Fried chicken is a beloved comfort food enjoyed by people across the world. While traditional fried chicken is flavored simply with salt, pepper, and maybe some herbs, many cooks like to add an extra flavor punch by incorporating mustard. But does frying chicken in mustard make it taste overwhelmingly like the condiment? Let’s take a closer look.

Does Mustard Fried Chicken Taste Like Mustard?

Mustard does not make fried chicken taste overwhelmingly like mustard. When used properly, mustard provides a subtle complementary flavor to fried chicken without overpowering it.

The signature taste and texture of fried chicken comes from the seasoned crisp coating enveloping the juicy meat. Mustard enhances the savoriness and spices already present in the breading. It adds a tangy note, slight heat, and extra dimensionality.

Frying chicken in mustard oil imparts very little mustard flavor since the oil is used for cooking rather than as a condiment. Mixing powdered or prepared mustard into the breading distributes the mustard in a restrained way throughout each bite. Brushing mustard on before the coating sticks to the chicken to evenly incorporate that flavor.

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No matter the application method, the mustard flavor remains mostly in the background. It does not dominate or turn the chicken into something that tastes like a mustard-drenched deli sandwich. The mellow mustard undertones blend harmoniously with the chicken’s other seasonings.

Mustard’s acidity also cuts through any frying oil greasiness. The result is fried chicken with more nuanced spice and fewer heavy flavors. The mustard bolsters the crust’s crunch and adds moisture.

So while mustard and fried chicken is a fantastic pairing, the mustard is present as a subtle supporting player rather than the chicken tasting primarily like mustard. When used in moderation with proper frying technique, mustard elevates familiar fried chicken into something even more crave-worthy.

What Gives Fried Chicken Its Signature Flavor?

The crisp, golden exterior and juicy interior of fried chicken come from its method of cooking. Chicken pieces are dredged in seasoned flour, dipped in egg, then coated again in flour, cornmeal, or breadcrumbs before being lowered into hot oil. This process results in a flavorful, craggy crust enveloping the tender chicken. The salt, pepper, and herbs in the coating provide most of the flavor.

How Does Mustard Enhance Fried Chicken?

Mustard adds subtle depth without overpowering the other seasonings. It provides a tangy note and slight spike of heat that perfectly balances the crispy coating and juicy meat. The mustard flavor remains mostly in the background, while its acidity cuts through any greasiness.

People use mustard for fried chicken because it adds complexity while allowing the chicken’s flavor to still shine. It brings out more of the savory qualities without introducing an overt mustard taste. The flavor is present but subtle, harmonizing with the other seasonings.

Does Frying in Mustard Oil Impact Flavor?

Mustard oil is a popular type of oil used for frying in certain cuisines, like Indian. It has a very distinct, pungent flavor. Fried chicken cooked in mustard oil will take on some of that spiciness. However, since the oil is used for frying, it does not impart as much strong mustard flavor as including prepared mustard in the coating itself. The chicken will have aromatic mustard undertones but will not be overwhelmingly mustard-forward.

What Are Good Ways to Use Mustard?

There are several effective techniques for incorporating mustard:

    1. Mix mustard powder or prepared mustard into the seasoned flour coating before dredging the chicken. This lightly distributes the mustard throughout.
    2. Brush prepared yellow or Dijon mustard directly onto the chicken pieces before coating in crumbs. The crumbs will stick to the mustard.
    3. Make a mustard sauce to use for dipping or drizzling. Combining mustard with maple syrup, honey, or bourbon makes a tasty glaze.
    4. Mix whole grain mustard into mayonnaise or ranch dressing for a mustardy dip.
    5. Add a dollop of mustard sauce on top of each fried chicken piece right before serving. The sauce soaks into the hot crust.

What Gives Fried Chicken the Perfect Crispness?

Achieving the ideal crunchy crust involves a few key steps:

    1. Use boneless chicken thighs and legs. The thicker, fattier pieces get crispiest.
    2. Really coat each piece, packing on the flour mixture. Pay extra attention to edges and crevices.
    3. Let the chicken pieces rest for 5-10 minutes after coating. This helps the crust adhere better.
    4. Fry at the proper oil temperature, between 325-375°F. Too low, the crust is greasy. Too high, it burns.
    5. Resist overcrowding the pan, which drops the oil temp and makes chicken greasy. Fry in batches.
    6. Fry each piece for 12-15 minutes until deep golden brown, flipping halfway.
    7. Drain fried chicken on a cooling rack over paper towels instead of stacking in a bowl. This keeps the crust crisp.

Properly cooked fried chicken should have a shatteringly crunchy exterior that gives way to incredibly moist, juicy meat. Mustard enhances the flavors and textures but does not overtake them when used correctly. Fried in mustard oil or mixed into the coating, it adds just the right subtle tang.

Brushed on or served with a mustard dipping sauce, it provides a nice spike of flavor contrast. Fried chicken has an unbeatable crave-worthy taste and texture, which mustard only makes better.

Why do people use mustard for fried chicken?

People use mustard when cooking fried chicken because it adds a subtle depth of flavor and dimension. Mustard provides a tangy, savory quality along with a slight spike of heat that enhances the seasoning already on the chicken.

It brings out more of the flavors from the other herbs and spices in the breading without overpowering them. The mellow mustard taste balances beautifully with the crispy coating and juicy interior. It adds complexity while allowing the chicken flavor to still be the star.

What is the secret to good fried chicken?

The secret to truly good fried chicken is using the right technique. This includes bringing thick chicken pieces like thighs and legs to keep them incredibly moist and tender. Dredging the brined chicken thoroughly in a well-seasoned flour mixture, then letting it rest before frying, ensures the coating sticks and crisps up perfectly.

Frying at the ideal oil temperature of 325-375°F achieves a shatteringly crunchy exterior that seals in the juices. Allowing enough space in the pan prevents overcrowding and uneven cooking. Frying just until deep golden brown without overcooking keeps the interior succulent. These methods yield fried chicken with the signature craggy, ultra-crispy crust and wonderfully juicy meat that makes it so crave-worthy.

What is the use of mustard sauce?

The mustard sauce adds a tangy, spicy punch of flavor when served with foods like grilled meats, sandwiches, pretzels, and fried foods. It can be used as a condiment for dipping or drizzled over foods. Mustard-based sauces balance richness and cut through fat, which makes them an ideal complement to fatty, savory foods like sausages and fried chicken.

Adding sweet ingredients like honey, maple syrup, or brown sugar to mustard sauce provides a sweet-spicy glaze or dressing with even more complex flavor. Whisking mustard into mayonnaise or ranch dressing also punches up the flavor of these creamy accompaniments.

Can we fry chicken in mustard oil?

Yes, mustard oil is commonly used for frying in Indian cuisine and imparts some nice aromatic flavor. However, because the oil is used for cooking rather than as a condiment, it does not make foods taste intensely like mustard. The mustard oil lends subtle flavor undertones but does not overwhelm the dish.

When used for frying chicken, it provides a very mellow mustard essence rather than making the chicken taste strongly like mustard. Fried chicken cooked in mustard oil will have a delicate mustard aroma and a hint of spice from the oil but still taste primarily like chicken.

Does frying chicken in mustard oil make it taste too mustardy?

No, mustard oil imparts subtle aromatic mustard undertones but does not make fried chicken taste overwhelmingly like mustard. The oil’s flavor is muted since it is used for frying.

What’s the best way to add mustard flavor?

Mixing mustard powder or prepared mustard into the seasoned flour coating is an easy way to distribute mustard flavor evenly but subtly throughout the fried chicken. Brushing on mustard before the breadcrumb coating is also very effective.

Will the mustard change the texture of the crust?

Used in moderation, mustard will not alter the texture or make the crust slimy or soggy. It actually enhances crunchiness. Just be sure to fully coat the chicken and let it rest before frying to help the crust adhere.

Can I make a fried chicken sandwich with mustard sauce?

Absolutely! A fried chicken sandwich with a spicy brown mustard sauce, pickles, and slaw on a brioche bun is delicious. The mustard adds the perfect tangy contrast to the crispy chicken.

Does mustard work with all fried chicken recipes?

Mustard is a versatile ingredient that complements most fried chicken recipes. It brings out added flavor in traditional Southern-style, Korean, Japanese karaage, and Nashville hot chicken. Feel free to experiment with different mustard varieties.


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