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Does McDonald’s Have Fried Chicken?

McDonald’s is best known for its burgers, french fries, and chicken nuggets. However, the famous fast food chain does offer some fried chicken options on its menu depending on location. While not all McDonald’s restaurants fry their own chicken, some do serve up crispy fried chicken sandwiches and wings.

Does McDonald’s Have Fried Chicken?

Fried chicken is not a core menu item at McDonald’s restaurants globally. However, select locations do offer some fried chicken options regionally or seasonally.

In the United States, some McDonald’s in the Southern states offer fried chicken sandwiches made with a crispy fillet served on a bun with pickles and mayo. These are often called Southern Fried Chicken Sandwiches or Crispy Chicken Sandwiches. McDonald’s in Hawaii also sometimes serves up fried chicken katsu sandwiches with Asian flavors.

Additionally, a small number of U.S. McDonald’s periodically sell fried chicken wings coated in different sauces as limited-time promotional menu items. But this is not a permanent or nationwide offering.

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Internationally, fried chicken is more readily found at McDonald’s. For example, McDonald’s in Singapore serves fried chicken and rice meals. In the United Kingdom and Korea, fried chicken wings are menu staples. McDonald’s in Mexico also offers fried chicken burgers topped with onion rings.

So in summary, while not a core menu item, McDonald’s does serve fried chicken at some locations. This includes fried chicken sandwiches, wings, and tenders cooked fresh in-restaurant and fried in a vegetable oil blend. But fried chicken options are only available regionally or seasonally, not nationwide.

Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Some McDonald’s locations, particularly in the Southern United States, offer fried chicken sandwiches. These are typically made with a fried chicken breast fillet served on a bun with pickles and mayo. Popular regional fried chicken sandwiches from McDonald’s include the Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

Fried Chicken Wings

Select McDonald’s locations also serve fried chicken wings coated in different sauces and seasonings. For example, McDonald’s in Korea sells soy garlic crispy wings, while UK McDonald’s locations offer spicy chicken wings. In the US, fried chicken wings are only occasionally available as limited-time promotional items.

Seasonal and International Fried Chicken

While not part of the regular year-round menu, McDonald’s sometimes offers fried chicken as a seasonal, limited-time option. For example, McDonald’s in Hawaii serves fried chicken katsu sandwiches. Internationally, fried chicken options are more common at McDonald’s. In Singapore, you can get fried chicken with rice and soup at McDonald’s.

So while fried chicken isn’t a staple of McDonald’s like Big Macs or McNuggets, you can find it fried up at select locations. Check your local McDonald’s to see if they offer any fried chicken sandwiches, wings, or seasonal items.

Where does McDonald’s sell fried chicken?

McDonald’s sells fried chicken sandwiches and other fried chicken menu items at select restaurant locations in the United States and internationally. In the US, fried chicken can be found at McDonald’s in southern states where they offer regional fried chicken sandwiches.
McDonald’s in Hawaii also sometimes sell fried chicken katsu sandwiches.

Occasional limited-time fried chicken wings are also sold at some US McDonald’s. Internationally, fried chicken is more widely found at McDonald’s in countries like Singapore, the UK, Mexico, and Korea. So the availability of fried chicken depends on the specific McDonald’s location and region.

Which McDonald’s have fried chicken?

Specific McDonald’s restaurants that are likely to have fried chicken menu options include:

    • McDonald’s locations in southern US states like Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, etc. which offer Southern Fried Chicken sandwiches.
    • McDonald’s in Hawaii which sometimes offer fried chicken katsu sandwiches.
    • Select US McDonald’s running promotional fried chicken wings.
    • International McDonald’s in Singapore, UK, Mexico, Korea, and other markets where fried chicken is more common.
    • Overseas McDonald’s in markets like Singapore and Korea where fried chicken and rice meals are sold.
    • UK and Korea McDonald’s which regularly sell fried chicken wings.

So in general, a customer’s best bet for finding fried chicken at McDonald’s is to check locations in southern US states, Hawaii, and international markets, especially in Asia and the UK. Calling ahead to confirm fried chicken availability is recommended.

Does McDonald’s fry chicken?

McDonald’s does fry some chicken items at select restaurant locations. This includes regional fried chicken sandwiches and promotional fried chicken wings. However, their national menu items like Chicken McNuggets and McChicken sandwiches are not fried in-restaurant.

Those products are sourced pre-fried from McDonald’s suppliers. So while not all McDonald’s fry chicken, some locations do for regional/seasonal fried chicken offerings.

Does Mcdonalds have fried chicken wings?

Fried chicken wings are not part of the permanent McDonald’s menu. However, some U.S. locations have offered them for limited times as promotional products. McDonald’s in countries like the United Kingdom and Korea do sell fried chicken wings regularly.

So whether or not your local McDonald’s fries wings depends on your location and if they are running any fried wing promotions.

What is McDonald’s chicken fried in?

McDonald’s fries any in-restaurant chicken, like fried chicken sandwiches and wings, in a blend of vegetable oils. This likely includes canola, soybean, corn, and/or other vegetable oils. McDonald’s fried chicken is not cooked in lard or other animal-based fats.

Is Mcdonalds crispy chicken real chicken?

Yes, the crispy chicken used for McDonald’s fried chicken sandwiches and tenders is made with real chicken breast meat. The chicken is breaded and fried on-site at McDonald’s restaurants, unlike their chicken nuggets and McChicken patties which are pre-fried and frozen.

Which McDonald’s have fried chicken?

Fried chicken can be found at McDonald’s in the Southern US, Hawaii, Korea, Singapore, and the UK. Check your local restaurant to see if they offer fried chicken sandwiches, wings, or tenders.


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