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Are Breadcrumbs Good for Fried Chicken?

Fried chicken stands as one of the most crave-worthy comfort foods out there. There’s just something irresistible about that crispy, craggy exterior giving way to hot, juicy meat inside. But does fried chicken need breadcrumbs to achieve that ideal crunchy crust? And do I need breadcrumbs to make fried chicken?

Are Breadcrumbs Good for Fried Chicken?

Yes, breadcrumbs can make an excellent coating for fried chicken and provide a crispy, flavorful crust when used properly. Breadcrumbs offer several benefits over using plain flour when breading chicken for frying:

    • Crunch – Dry breadcrumbs provide a shatteringly crispy texture when fried. The cubes of bread soak up the hot oil and turn intensely crunchy, creating a thick layer of crispy crust around the juicy chicken.
    • Cohesion – The starch in breadcrumbs enables the coating to cling tightly to the chicken. This adheres the ultra-crispy exterior to the moist interior so it doesn’t fall off.
      Flavor – Breadcrumbs give fried chicken a delicious toasted aroma and subtle yeasty, bready flavor. Panko Japanese-style crumbs are prized for their especially pronounced crunch and taste.
    • Appearance – The speckled look of breadcrumbs lends visual appeal, with a variegated, nubby texture on the surface of the chicken.
    • To maximize the benefits of breadcrumbs, it’s important to use very dry crumbs and adhere them properly by dipping the chicken in egg and buttermilk first. Pressing the crumbs firmly into the chicken rather than just sprinkling also helps. When paired with a light flour dredging, breadcrumbs can create the ideal balance of crispy, crunchy coating on fried chicken.


In summary, yes, breadcrumbs are an excellent choice for getting a shatteringly crispy crust and appetizing flavor on your fried chicken. Their unique texture and absorbency make breadcrumbs a great way to add crunch and taste when frying chicken.

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Does Fried Chicken Need Bread Crumbs?

The answer is that properly breading your chicken is essential if you want it to emerge from the fryer boasting a crispy, flavorful coating. While flour is the most common breading for fried chicken, you can definitely use breadcrumbs too.

In fact, breadcrumbs offer some great benefits when frying chicken:

    • Provide serious crunch and crispness when fried up. Breadcrumbs soak up the hot oil and crisp beautifully around the juicy chicken.
    • Help the coating stick to the chicken thanks to the starch in crumbs. This adheres the crunchy exterior to the moist meat.
    • Lend a subtle toasted, bready flavor along with great aroma. Panko Japanese breadcrumbs are especially crunchy and tasty.
    • Give the chicken an attractive, nubby texture with the variegated crumbs.


Can You Use Breadcrumbs for Fried Chicken?

So do I need breadcrumbs for fried chicken? Well, here are some tips for success when using breadcrumbs:

    • Ensure crumbs are very dry before using. Moisture makes them clump instead of crisping. Use stale bread to make your own.
    • Yes, you can make fried chicken with bread crumbs when you adhere them properly. Dip chicken in egg then buttermilk before breading.
    • Firmly press crumbs into the chicken. Don’t just sprinkle them on. This helps them stay put.
    • Fry in small batches to maintain oil temperature and prevent soggy coating.
    • Let chicken rest after frying so the hot crust can further crisp up.
    • Season your crumbs with herbs, spices, parmesan etc for extra flavor.


Can You Make Fried Chicken with Just Bread Crumbs?

Or should I use bread crumbs or flour for fried chicken? You certainly can, but the coating may come out overly thick and dry. Using a blend of flour and breadcrumbs gives you the best of both worlds – a crispy yet delicate, tender crust.

Dip chicken first in flour, then egg wash, then press into breadcrumbs. The flour lightly adheres to the chicken, the egg helps the crumbs stick, and the crumbs provide crunch. This multi-step breading method yields ideal fried chicken with a flavorful, crispy-yet-tender coating.

So are breadcrumbs good for fried chicken? Absolutely! When paired properly with flour and other binders, breadcrumbs can transform your fried chicken into a crunchy, crackly, flavorful delight. A perfect breadcrumb coating takes this comfort food classic to new heights of crispy perfection.


Should I Use Bread Crumbs or Flour for Fried Chicken?

Both breadcrumbs and flour can create delicious fried chicken. Flour offers a smooth, thin, delicate crust. Breadcrumbs provide a heartier crunch and more pronounced flavor. Using a blend of flour and crumbs gives you the best of both – a crispy yet tender coating.

How Do You Get Bread Crumbs to Stick to Chicken?

Breadcrumbs alone slide right off wet chicken. The key is adhering them with a binder like egg and buttermilk. Dip chicken pieces in beaten egg, then buttermilk, then press into breadcrumbs. The egg and buttermilk help the dry crumbs cling to the chicken.

Are Breadcrumbs Good for Frying?

Yes, breadcrumbs are an excellent coating for frying foods. When exposed to hot oil, they quickly turn crispy and golden brown for a crunchy crust on anything from fried chicken to seafood and vegetables. Their starch also helps the coating stick to foods.

Can You Make Fried Chicken with Just Bread Crumbs?

You can certainly bread and fry chicken using just breadcrumbs without flour. However, this can result in a drier, denser coating. Adding a touch of flour lightens the texture. Using a three-step coating technique of flour, egg wash, and breadcrumbs creates the ideal balance of crispy yet tender and flavorful.



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