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Are Air Fried Chicken Wings Bad for You?

Air fryers have become an incredibly popular kitchen appliance in recent years. Using rapid air circulation technology, air fryers can produce crispy, delicious foods like fried chicken wings, but with significantly less oil. This leads many people to believe that air fried chicken wings are a healthier alternative to their deep fried counterparts. But how healthy is air fried chicken really?

Are Air Fried Chicken Wings Bad for You?

Air fried chicken wings are not inherently unhealthy or “bad” for you in moderation. Compared to deep fried wings, air fried wings are lower in calories, fat, and contain fewer carcinogenic compounds thanks to using little to no oil. However, air fried wings can still be relatively high in fat, sodium, and cholesterol compared to other protein options.

Some specific pros and cons to consider:


    • 70-80% less fat and 50-70% fewer calories than deep fried wings. The rapid air circulation mimics deep frying with much less oil.
    • Air frying helps retain more moisture compared to oven baking, keeping the wings tender.
    • Air frying produces significantly lower levels of potential carcinogens like acrylamide and heterocyclic amines.
    • More B vitamins and other nutrients are preserved since the wings are not submerged in hot oil.



    • Wings have a high baseline fat content, so even air fried they can be high in saturated fat and cholesterol.
    • Seasonings and sauces often make wings high in sodium.
    • The high air fryer temperatures (400°F+) can potentially create compounds that are unhealthy if consumed regularly.
    • Regular or excessive intake of wings may lead to weight gain and other issues.

Overall, enjoying air fried wings in moderation as part of a balanced diet is fine for most people. Be mindful of portion sizes, frequency, and what seasonings are used to keep wings as healthy as possible. Those with specific cholesterol or sodium-related conditions may need to be more cautious with air fried wings. But for most, the reduced fat and carcinogens make air fried wings a better choice than deep fried.

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How Healthy is Air Fried Chicken?

There are several key benefits that make air fryer chicken wings a better choice than deep frying:

    • Less fat and calories – Air frying slashes fat by up to 70-80% and calories by 50-70% compared to deep frying the same wings. The rapid air flow surrounds the wings to crisp the skin without needing to submerge them in oil.
    • Retains moisture – The hot circulated air cooks the wings very fast. This seals in juiciness and prevents the drying out effect of low-moisture oven baking. Air fryer wings come out tender and moist on the inside.
    • Fewer carcinogens – High heat oil can generate compounds like acrylamide and heterocyclic amines which may be carcinogenic. Air fryers dramatically lower exposure to these cancer-linked compounds. Studies show air fried foods have acrylamide levels 4-5 times lower than deep fried foods.
    • More nutrients preserved – Vitamins and minerals are degraded less in an air fryer because there is less direct oil contact and lower heat exposure. For example, air frying preserves more B vitamins compared to deep frying. This maintains more nutritional value.


The rapid air circulation technology of an air fryer creates a crispy texture without all the oil absorption and immersion of deep frying. This cooking method lowers calories, retains moisture better, avoids carcinogens, and preserves more nutrients. For all these reasons, air fried wings are considered a healthier alternative.

Potential Downsides of Air Fried Wings

However, air frying wings does come with a few potential health considerations:

    • High temperatures – Air fryers commonly reach temperatures between 350°F and 400°F to achieve crisping. Cooking at very high heats can damage some oils and create advanced glycation end products associated with disease.
    • Can still be relatively unhealthy – While air fried chicken wings are healthier than deep fried, some may still consider them an unhealthy choice overall due to their high fat and sodium content. Are chicken wings prepared in an air fryer actually unhealthy? In moderation, no, but they should still be consumed in limited quantities. Moderation is key.
    • Skin may char – The chicken skin can blacken or char at hot air fryer temperatures. Charring meats produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that may pose health risks when consumed regularly. These compounds are linked to inflammation and oxidative stress.
    • Sodium content – Most wings are seasoned heavily with salt, spices, or sauce. This can make air fried wings high in sodium, which may raise blood pressure. Be mindful of sodium levels in rubs, sauces, and marinades used.


While air frying has some advantages over deep frying, wings should still be enjoyed in moderation as part of an overall healthy eating pattern. Keep an eye on portion sizes, frequency of consumption and sodium content.

Moderation and Balance Are Key

At the end of the day, air fried chicken wings are not inherently bad for you. When consumed in moderation as part of an overall healthy and balanced diet, they can be a tasty treat. The keys are portion control and not overindulging.

Aim for reasonable serving sizes of 5-6 air fried wings, focus on leaner cuts of chicken, and balance with plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats. Avoid excessive charring of the skin and use fresh herb rubs instead of salt-heavy seasonings.

With a little prudence and balance, you can certainly enjoy the crispiness and flavor of air fried wings without guilt!


How Many Calories is in An Air-Fried Chicken Wing?

On average, a medium-sized air fried chicken wing contains around 50-60 calories. The exact amount can vary based on factors like the size of the wings and what type of coating or seasoning is used. Compared to the same wing deep fried, it would have 50-70% less calories.

What Are The Benefits of Air Fryer Chicken Wings?

The main benefits are less fat/calories, retains moisture, fewer carcinogens, and preserves nutrients compared to deep frying. Air frying makes wings a bit healthier.

Are Air Fried Chicken Wings Good for You?

In moderation, air fried wings can be a good option as part of an overall healthy diet. They are lower in fat and calories than deep fried. But overdoing servings or frequency can make them unhealthy.

Is Air Fried Chicken Wings Bad for Cholesterol?

Air fried wings are slightly better for cholesterol compared to deep fried, but the wings still contain a good amount of cholesterol so portions should be limited for those with high cholesterol.


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