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What to Serve with Chimichurri Chicken: 10 Best Chimichurri Chicken Sides

What to eat with chimichurri chicken? Here is a complete list of the best easy & healthy chicken chimichurri side dishes, that you can serve today.

Publish date : April 02, 2023

what to serve with chimichurri chicken: the best easy and healthy chimichurri chicken sides dishes

Chimichurri chicken is a flavorful and popular dish that originated in Argentina. The juicy chicken marinated in tangy chimichurri sauce is a crowd-pleaser, but finding the perfect side dish to accompany it can be tricky. If you’re wondering what to serve with chimichurri chicken, look no further.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of delicious and complementary side dishes that will elevate your chimichurri chicken experience. From roasted vegetables and quinoa salad to grilled corn and avocado, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the perfect sides to pair with your next chimichurri chicken dish.

What to Serve with Chimichurri Chicken: 10 Best Side Dishes for Chimichurri Chicken

To answer your question about “What goes well with chimichurri chicken?” Here is a list of best easy and healthy side dishes for chimichurri chicken, that you can make today.

Let’s get started.

01. Homemade Rice Pilaf

This Homemade Rice Pilaf is an excellent side dish to serve with Chimichurri Chicken. The nutty flavor of the rice complements the bold and herbaceous taste of the Chimichurri sauce. It’s fluffy, light, and seasoned with garlic, onion, and turmeric to give it …

… a warm and comforting aroma. This dish is easy to make, and it pairs well with any protein. Plus, you can add other ingredients like diced carrots, peas, and chopped nuts to give it an extra crunch and texture. This rice pilaf recipe is a must-try, and it’s perfect for weeknight dinners or special occasions.

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02. Sesame Chicken Salad

This Sesame Chicken Salad is a refreshing and light option to serve alongside Chimichurri Chicken. The combination of the crispy lettuce, juicy chicken, and tangy dressing provides a burst of flavors in your mouth. The salad is tossed with sesame oil, soy sauce, …

… honey, and rice vinegar, which complements the Chimichurri sauce’s tanginess. It’s also loaded with crunchy almonds, sesame seeds, and chow mein noodles that add a nice crunch to every bite. This dish is perfect for warm summer days when you crave a light and refreshing meal.

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03. Spinach Mushroom Quinoa

This Spinach Mushroom Quinoa is a hearty and nutritious side dish that goes well with Chimichurri Chicken. The quinoa is cooked with garlic and vegetable broth, which gives it a savory and flavorful taste. The sautéed mushrooms and spinach add a …

… burst of earthy and fresh flavors to the dish. The dish is also topped with grated parmesan cheese and fresh parsley, which add a touch of creaminess and freshness to the dish. This dish is a complete meal in itself and perfect for a quick and healthy weeknight dinner.

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04. Grilled Vegetables

Grilled Vegetables are an excellent side dish to serve with Chimichurri Chicken. The charred and smoky flavor of the grilled vegetables pairs well with the bold and herbaceous taste of Chimichurri sauce.

You can use any vegetables you have on hand like zucchini, bell peppers, onions, and eggplants. The vegetables are tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper and then grilled to perfection. This dish is easy to make and perfect for a summer BBQ or a weeknight dinner.

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05. Baby Bok Choy with Soy Sauce and Garlic

Baby Bok Choy with Soy Sauce and Garlic is a simple and flavorful side dish to serve with Chimichurri Chicken. The baby bok choy is sautéed with garlic and soy sauce, which gives it a savory and umami taste.

The bok choy’s tender and crunchy texture complements the Chimichurri chicken’s bold flavors, making it a perfect pairing. This dish is easy to make, healthy, and packed with nutrients, making it a great addition to any meal.

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06. Baked Beans

When it comes to serving chimichurri chicken, the perfect side dish is a hearty and savory dish like homemade baked beans. These baked beans from scratch have a deep, smoky flavor that comes from …

… the addition of bacon, molasses, and brown sugar. The combination of tangy and sweet flavors pairs well with the bold and herbaceous flavors of chimichurri chicken. It’s a match made in heaven!

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07. Grapefruit Avocado Salad

For a light and refreshing side dish to complement your chimichurri chicken, try this grapefruit avocado salad. The bright and zesty flavors of grapefruit are balanced by …

… the creamy and rich texture of avocado. The addition of fennel adds a subtle licorice flavor that rounds out the salad nicely. The citrusy flavors of the salad are a perfect complement to the tangy and zesty chimichurri sauce.

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08. Toasted Italian Sandwich

If you’re looking for a more substantial side dish to serve with chimichurri chicken, try a toasted Italian sandwich. This sandwich is packed with delicious cured meats, creamy mozzarella cheese, and tangy giardiniera.

The warm, toasty bread adds a nice crunch to the sandwich, while the spicy and tangy giardiniera cuts through the richness of the cheese and meats. It’s a filling and flavorful side that is sure to satisfy.

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09. Pull Apart Garlic Bread

There’s nothing better than warm, buttery garlic bread, especially when paired with chimichurri chicken. This pull-apart garlic bread recipe is easy to make and will become your new favorite side dish.

The bread is filled with a cheesy and garlicky butter spread, and then baked until crispy and golden. The soft and fluffy bread pairs perfectly with the tangy and spicy flavors of the chicken, making it the ultimate comfort food.

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10. Baked Potato Wedges

For a classic and comforting side dish, try these crispy garlic baked potato wedges. The potatoes are sliced into wedges and seasoned with garlic and herbs before being roasted until crispy.

The crispy exterior and tender interior of the potatoes make for a satisfying and delicious side dish. Plus, the garlic and herb seasoning pairs perfectly with the bold flavors of chimichurri chicken.

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what to serve with chimichurri chicken: the best easy and healthy chimichurri chicken sides dishes
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