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What Goes With Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches: 10 Sides for Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

What to serve with buffalo chicken sandwiches? Well, here is a complete list of the best easy & healthy sides for buffalo chicken sandwiches – your friendly list of the best buffalo chicken sandwich sides – that you can eat today.

Publish date : March 21, 2023

what to serve with buffalo chicken sandwiches: the best easy and healthy sides for buffalo chicken sandwich

Are you looking for the perfect sides to accompany your delicious buffalo chicken sandwich? It can be daunting to figure out what to serve with this unique sandwich, but look no further! We have put together a list of our favorite sides to serve with buffalo chicken sandwiches, so you can enjoy an amazing meal no matter what you choose.

From classic mac and cheese to crispy waffle fries, you’ll find the perfect side dish to accompany your buffalo chicken sandwich. We’ll also give you some tips for getting creative with your sides and making sure your buffalo chicken sandwich experience is top-notch. So let’s get started and discover the best sides for your buffalo chicken sandwich.

What to Serve with Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches: 10 Best Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Sides

To answer your question about “What goes with buffalo chicken sandwich?” Here is a list of best easy and healthy sides with buffalo chicken sandwiches, that you can make today.

Let’s get started.

01. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes make a comforting and delicious side dish to serve with buffalo chicken sandwiches. This traditional dish can be prepared in a variety of ways to suit your tastes, from creamy and buttery to garlic-infused mashed potatoes.

Topping mashed potatoes with some chives and cream gives it the perfect finishing touch for a comforting side to serve alongside buffalo chicken sandwiches. The comforting flavor of mashed potatoes makes it an ideal side dish for the bold spicy flavors of buffalo chicken sandwiches.

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02. Wild Rice Salad

Wild rice salad is a great option for adding some freshness when serving buffalo chicken sandwiches. Loaded with fresh ingredients such as bell peppers, celery, and onion, this salad is a …

… great way to add some vibrant colors to your plate. To add a twist to this dish, mix in some cashews or cranberries for an extra burst of flavor. This salad offers a crunchy and refreshing complement to the bold flavors of buffalo chicken sandwiches.

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03. Chili Cheese Fries

Chili cheese fries are the perfect side dish when serving buffalo chicken sandwiches. These tasty fries are loaded with chili and cheese and have just the right amount of kick from the chili pepper flakes.

The melted cheese on top adds an extra layer of creaminess and pairs perfectly with the spiciness of the buffalo chicken sandwich. Chili cheese fries offer a delicious balance between the spicy flavors of the sandwich and the creamy texture of the melted cheese.

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04. Baked Zucchini Sticks

Baked zucchini sticks are a healthy alternative to regular french fries when serving buffalo chicken sandwiches. These crunchy, oven-baked sticks are seasoned with herbs and spices for an …

… extra pop of flavor that complements the bold flavors of the sandwich. Baked zucchini sticks are a great way to sneak some extra vegetables into your meal while still enjoying all the flavors from your buffalo chicken sandwich.

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05. Onion Rings

Onion rings are another fantastic side dish when serving buffalo chicken sandwiches. The sweet onion flavor combined with the crispy breadcrumbs coating makes these perfectly golden rings irresistible!

Adding some chipotle mayonnaise or tartar sauce on top is a great way to enhance all the flavors even further. Onion rings offer a unique crunch and sweetness that pairs perfectly with the spicy notes from buffalo chicken sandwiches.

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06. Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a perfect side for buffalo chicken sandwiches! The cool and creamy tang of the slaw pairs wonderfully with the spicy kick of the chicken. Whether you like to pile it high on your sandwich or eat it as a side, coleslaw takes …

… your buffalo chicken sandwich to another level. Hawaiian Slaw is an especially delightful choice; its sweet-and-sour flavor profile is a great complement to the heat of the sandwich. Whichever variation you choose, coleslaw is sure to make your buffalo chicken sandwich even more delicious!

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07. Garlic Potato Wedges

What better way to take your buffalo chicken sandwich up a notch than with some delicious garlic potato wedges? The crispy outer coating provides both texture and flavor while the creamy insides give you something rich …

… in contrast to the spiciness of your sandwich. Serve them as a side or on top of your sandwiches along with some ranch dressing for an extra flavor boost! You won’t be disappointed with this classic combination.

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08. Spring Mix Salad

A spring mix salad makes for an excellent accompaniment for any buffalo chicken sandwich. Not only does it provide crunchy texture and freshness, but adding some diced bell peppers or …

… cucumbers can give it even more nutritional value too! Drizzle over some balsamic vinaigrette or olive oil-based dressing and you have yourself a simple yet flavorful side dish that will make all those greens shine alongside that succulent slice of spicy heaven.

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09. Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes are another mouthwatering option when looking for sides for buffalo chicken sandwiches; they offer just enough crunch without overpowering their flavors. Plus, there’s something comforting …

… about pairing them with fried food like Buffalo wings too! Try sprinkling some Parmesan cheese or drizzling ranch dressing over these slices before serving; they’ll be sure to please everyone at your next BBQ gathering no matter what their tastes may be!

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10. Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Egg Rolls

If you’re looking for something really special when it comes to sides for buffalo chicken sandwiches, then look no further than these amazing stuffed egg rolls. Deliciously crisp on the outside whilst oozing melted cheese, spring onions, …

… and succulent chunks of juicy Buffalo fried chicken in every bite – this is a surefire way to get people talking about how good dinner was tonight! Serve alongside homemade fries and dip sauces like ranch or blue cheese mayonnaise – yummy!!

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