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Junior Chicken vs McChicken: What is The Difference?

The Junior Chicken and McChicken are two of the most popular chicken sandwiches served at McDonald’s restaurants in Canada. But what exactly is the difference between these two budget-friendly menu items? This article will compare the Junior Chicken and McChicken sandwiches so you can decide which one you prefer.

What is a Junior Chicken?

A JR McChicken is essentially a smaller version of the regular McChicken sandwich. It uses the same bun and toppings as a McChicken but features a junior-sized chicken patty that is around 1/3 thinner than the regular patty. It features a seasoned chicken patty topped with mayonnaise and shredded lettuce on a sesame seed bun.

The JR McChicken provides a more affordable and slightly smaller take on the classic McChicken. The chicken patty is made with 100% seasoned ground chicken breast meat. At around $2 CAD, the Junior Chicken provides a quick and affordable fast food meal. It’s been a staple on McDonald’s Canada menus for years.

What is a McChicken?

The McChicken is another popular chicken sandwich option at McDonald’s. Like the Junior Chicken, it contains a seasoned chicken patty, mayonnaise and shredded lettuce. However, there are some key differences between the two sandwiches:

    • Bun: The McChicken uses a plain bun instead of a sesame seed bun.
    • Size: The chicken patty on a McChicken is slightly bigger than the Junior Chicken patty.
    • Price: A McChicken typically costs a little more than a Junior Chicken, around $3-$4 CAD.
    • Availability: McChickens are served at McDonald’s globally, while Junior Chickens are mostly found in Canada.

So in summary, the Junior Chicken is McDonald’s affordable, Canadian-exclusive version of a chicken sandwich. The McChicken is similar but features a bigger chicken patty and is served in more countries.

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Comparing Taste and Ingredients

Fans of both sandwiches will tell you the Junior Chicken and McChicken have similar great taste. The chicken patties are juicy, flavourful and typically crispy. However, Canadian chicken sandwich enthusiasts argue the Junior Chicken patty has a bit more zest from the signature McDonald’s seasoning blend.

When it comes to ingredients, the patties contain similar seasonings but the Junior Chicken uses all white meat chicken while the McChicken may contain some dark meat. The Junior Chicken also skips the preservatives and artificial flavours used in McChicken patties.

Which One Offers More Value?

When comparing the price and size of these two sandwiches, the Junior Chicken frequently comes out on top for value. You’ll get nearly the same sandwich for less by ordering a Junior Chicken. McChickens may be slightly larger but not enough to warrant paying $1-$2 more. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly chicken sandwich from McDonald’s, the Junior Chicken is likely the better deal.

Why was the McChicken discontinued?

Unlike the enduring Junior Chicken, the McChicken sandwich has actually disappeared from McDonald’s menus on occasion. In 2013, McDonald’s Canada streamlined offerings by cutting the McChicken and several other underperforming items.

The McChicken has been temporarily discontinued by McDonald’s in certain markets over the years for a few key reasons:

    • To streamline and simplify menus by removing underperforming items
    • To make room for new limited-time sandwich promotions
    • In response to rising ingredient costs making it unprofitable
    • Due to regional preferences and menu customization

However, the sandwich has consistently returned after short hiatuses due to sustained customer demand. Its global popularity and affordability ensure the McChicken remains a core permanent menu item at most McDonald’s locations.

Junior Chicken vs McChicken: Which is Better? 

At the end of the day, Junior Chicken and McChicken have more similarities than differences. Both offer a dependable, flavorful and affordable chicken sandwich option for McDonald’s fans.

The Junior Chicken reigns supreme for Canadians seeking value along with the classic taste they know and love. Meanwhile, the McChicken will satisfy bigger appetites. So the next time you’re craving an old-school chicken sandwich, consider ordering the Junior Chicken if you’re in Canada or the McChicken anywhere else for a can’t-fail meal.

Does McDonald’s still make McChicken?

Yes, the McChicken remains available at McDonald’s globally, despite being temporarily discontinued in some markets over the years. It continues to be one of McDonald’s most popular budget sandwiches.

Is McChicken same as junior chicken?

No, the McChicken and Junior Chicken are not the same sandwich. While they are both chicken sandwiches served at McDonald’s, there are some key differences between them:

    • The Junior Chicken is only available in Canada, while the McChicken is served globally.
    • The Junior Chicken uses an all-white meat chicken patty, but the McChicken patty contains a blend of white and dark meat.
    • The Junior Chicken is typically cheaper, costing around $2 CAD compared to $3-$4 for a McChicken.
    • The buns are different, with the Junior Chicken using a sesame seed bun and the McChicken using a plain bun.

So in summary, the Junior Chicken and McChicken have similar ingredients but differ in patty composition, price, availability and bun type. They are very similar but not identical sandwiches.

What is the difference between McChicken and chicken?

The main difference is that a McChicken specifically refers to the chicken sandwich sold at McDonald’s restaurants. A regular chicken sandwich can contain different ingredients depending on where it is purchased. The key features that define a McChicken are:

    • A seasoned, fried all-white or white/dark mixed chicken patty
    • McDonald’s signature mayonnaise and shredded lettuce
    • Served on a plain hamburger bun
    • The signature taste of a McDonald’s McChicken patty and sauce

So while a chicken sandwich and McChicken sandwich both contain chicken, only one made to McDonald’s specifications can be called a true McChicken.

Why is the Junior Chicken so much cheaper than the McChicken?

The Junior Chicken is able to be priced lower than the McChicken mainly thanks to its smaller chicken patty size. It uses less chicken meat, keeping costs down. Being a Canada-exclusive menu item also allows McDonald’s to offer the Junior Chicken at a very budget-friendly price point.

What’s better: Junior Chicken or McChicken?

This depends on personal taste and budget. Many Canadian customers prefer the Junior Chicken for its lower cost and unique flavor profile. But those who prioritize sandwich size or want a familiar option outside Canada may favor the McChicken. Both sandwiches have their merits.

Is the McChicken made with dark or white chicken meat?

The McChicken patty contains a blend of white and dark chicken meat pieces. Meanwhile, the Junior Chicken uses 100% seasoned white meat chicken.


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