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How Much is Kroger Fried Chicken?

Kroger’s delicious fried chicken is a customer favorite for good reason – it’s convenient, affordable, and downright tasty. If you’re wondering about the price of Kroger’s fried chicken, this guide will provide all the details.

How much is fried chicken at kroger?

Kroger offers both hot and cold fried chicken options in their deli section. Prices will vary a bit by location, but here are the typical prices you can expect:

    • Hot 8-piece fried chicken – $4.99
    • Hot 12-piece fried chicken – $6.99
    • 8-piece cold fried chicken – $5.99
    • 12-piece cold fried chicken – $8.49

The hot fried chicken tends to cost a little less than the cold fried chicken. Both offer great value for freshly prepared food that you can pick up without waiting.

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Kroger also offers fried chicken meals that come with sides like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, biscuits, and more. These meals range from $4.99 for a 2-piece meal up to $12.99 for an 8-piece meal. The larger the meal, the better deal you’ll get overall.

Additional Cost Factors

A few other things can impact the total price of your Kroger fried chicken purchase:

    • Location – Prices are set regionally so can be a bit higher or lower in different areas.
    • Time of day – Some Kroger stores discount fried chicken toward the end of the day, so evening purchases may cost a dollar or two less.
    • Coupons/sales – Kroger does accept digital and paper manufacturer coupons for fried chicken. They also run weekly ad sales, so look for discounts that way.
    • Kroger Card – Make sure to use your Kroger Plus Card to get sale prices and earn fuel points on purchases.

How many calories is a piece of Kroger fried chicken?

Here are the typical calorie counts for Kroger’s fried chicken pieces:

    • Chicken breast (boneless, skinless) – 180-220 calories per piece
    • Chicken thigh (with bone, skin on) – 190-240 calories per piece
    • Chicken drumstick (with bone, skin on) – 150-200 calories per piece
    • Chicken wing (with bone, skin on) – 90-120 calories per piece
    • Chicken tender/strip – 140-180 calories per piece

The calorie count can vary a bit depending on the size of the piece and exact batter or breading used. But in most cases, one piece of bone-in fried chicken with the skin on will have about 200 calories.

The breast meat is the leanest and lowest calorie option, while the fattier thigh and drumstick pieces are slightly higher in calories. Chicken tenders and wings are smaller, so they are lower in calories by comparison.

To keep the calories in check, stick with just 1-2 pieces of fried chicken in your meal. Balance it out with lower calorie side dishes like a salad or air-fried vegetables instead of classic fried sides. And be mindful of any additional sauces and dressings you add on top.

With some smart choices to go along with it, you can definitely still enjoy Kroger’s tasty fried chicken as part of a balanced diet. Moderation and portion control are key when eating any fried food.

Tips for Saving on Kroger Fried Chicken

Here are some tips to keep your fried chicken costs low:

    • Check for sales and coupons in the weekly ad.
    • Purchase larger meals vs. individual pieces to get better value.
    • Pick up fried chicken as a quick and budget-friendly dinner option.
    • Shop evening hours for potential markdowns on leftovers.
    • Use earned fuel points from the Kroger Plus Card to save on gas.

So don’t hesitate to stop by the Kroger deli next time you have a fried chicken craving. With prices ranging from $5-10 for individual pieces or meals, it’s a budget- and taste-friendly option for families.

How much does a bucket of fried chicken cost at Kroger?

Kroger doesn’t offer traditional fried chicken buckets, but their largest fried chicken meal includes 8 pieces, 2 large sides, and 4 biscuits for around $12.99.

Is Kroger’s fried chicken fresh or frozen?

The fried chicken at Kroger is freshly prepared multiple times per day in each store’s kitchen. It is not frozen.

What are the fried chicken options at Kroger?

You can purchase hot fried chicken by the piece, cold fried chicken by the piece, or fried chicken meals with sides included. Options include breasts, thighs, legs, wings, tenders, and livers.

Does Kroger offer any discounts on fried chicken?

Kroger accepts coupons and runs weekly ad sales that sometimes discount fried chicken. Purchasing later in the day may also score markdowns on unsold chicken.

Is Kroger fried chicken cheaper than other grocery stores?

On average Kroger’s prices are very competitively priced compared to other major grocery store chains. Their hot and cold fried chicken offer great value, especially for the convenience.


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