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How Much is Fried Chicken at Jewel-Osco?

Fried chicken is a delicious, crunchy comfort food that many grocery stores offer ready-to-go in their deli sections. Jewel-Osco, a popular grocery chain in the Midwest, sells both fried and grilled chicken options at affordable prices. If you’re wondering how much their fried chicken costs, here are the key details:

Fried Chicken Prices at Jewel-Osco

An 8-piece fried chicken meal with 2 sides at Jewel-Osco costs $7.99. This includes 4 breasts, 4 thighs/drums, and your choice of 2 sides like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, baked beans or corn.

You can also buy fried chicken by the piece at the deli counter. Prices are:

    • Breast – $2.49
    • Wing – $1.99
    • Thigh – $1.99
    • Drumstick – $1.99

So if you just want a 2-piece meal with a breast and thigh, it would cost $4.48 total. For a bigger fried chicken feast, a 12-piece meal costs $11.99 and includes 6 breasts, 6 thighs/drums and 2 large sides.

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Overall the prices per piece are very reasonable compared to other grocery stores and you get tasty, juicy fried chicken quickly without cooking.

How Good is Jewel-Osco’s Fried Chicken?

Most customers agree that Jewel’s fried chicken is quite tasty for a grocery store option. The chicken is always fresh, hot and crisp. The batter is seasoned well with spices like paprika, garlic and onion powder. The meat itself is juicy and flavorful too.

Some people say Jewel’s fried chicken is on par with chains like KFC or Popeyes. While it may not be quite as good as those dedicated fried chicken joints, it’s still solid, especially for grabbing on the go.

Nutrition Facts for Jewel-Osco Fried Chicken

If you’re watching calories or sodium, here are some nutrition facts on Jewel’s fried chicken:

    • 1 breast (boneless/skinless) – 220 calories, 590mg sodium
    • 1 wing – 150 calories, 320mg sodium
    • 1 thigh (bone-in) – 280 calories, 580mg sodium
    • 1 drumstick (bone-in) – 240 calories, 470mg sodium

As you can see, sodium levels are quite high, which is typical for fried foods. Going for grilled chicken would slash the sodium almost in half. But overall, the calorie count per piece is reasonable.

Grilled Chicken Options at Jewel

If you want a healthier alternative, Jewel does offer both grilled chicken breasts and legs in the deli. An 8-piece grilled chicken meal with 2 sides is $9.99. Or you can buy grilled chicken pieces individually, like a boneless skinless breast for $3.49 each.

The grilled chicken has way less fat, calories and sodium compared to the fried chicken. So it makes for a lighter but still tasty and protein-packed meal.

In summary, Jewel-Osco offers great fried chicken prices and quality. An 8-piece meal is under $8, and you can also buy chicken by the piece. The fried chicken delivers on taste and crunch. Grilled chicken is available for a healthier option too. So next time you’re shopping at Jewel, swing by the deli to pick up some convenient and delicious fried or grilled chicken.

Is Jewel Fried Chicken any good?

Yes, Jewel-Osco’s fried chicken tends to get great reviews from customers for its taste and quality. The chicken is always fresh and hot, with a crispy seasoned batter that has spices like paprika, garlic, and onion powder. The chicken meat itself is juicy and flavorful as well.

Many people say Jewel’s fried chicken is just as good as larger fast food chains like KFC or Popeyes. While it may not be quite at that level, it’s still very solid fried chicken, especially for picking up quickly at the grocery store deli.

How many calories are in Jewel-Osco fried chicken?

The calorie count for Jewel-Osco’s fried chicken pieces are:

    • 1 breast (boneless, skinless) – 220 calories
    • 1 wing – 150 calories
    • 1 thigh (bone-in) – 280 calories
    • 1 drumstick (bone-in) – 240 calories

So the calorie content per piece is quite reasonable. A meal with a breast and thigh would contain around 500 calories total. The batter and frying adds extra calories, but the chicken itself is relatively low-calorie. Going with grilled chicken could reduce the calories since it has no breading or frying involved.

How much sodium is in Jewel fried chicken?

Like many fried foods, the sodium content in Jewel’s fried chicken is quite high. Here is how much sodium is in each piece:

    • Breast – 590mg
    • Wing – 320mg
    • Thigh – 580mg
    • Drumstick – 470mg

The fried coating significantly increases the sodium. For comparison, a grilled chicken breast at Jewel has only 300mg sodium. So grilled chicken is a much healthier lower-sodium option. But the fried chicken’s high sodium content is understandable given the preparation.

Does Jewel sell grilled chicken?

Yes, in addition to fried chicken, Jewel-Osco also offers grilled chicken pieces and meals. You can purchase grilled chicken breasts, legs, or an 8-piece grilled chicken meal with 2 sides. The grilled chicken is free of any batter or frying, so it’s much lower in fat, calories and sodium compared to the fried options. It provides a healthy and delicious alternative while still getting tasty Jewel chicken.


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