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How Much Does WinCo Fried Chicken Cost?

Fried chicken is a delicious, quick and affordable meal option. For budget-conscious shoppers, WinCo Foods offers very low prices on fried chicken that beat many other grocery stores. Keep reading to learn more about WinCos fried chicken prices and how they compare.

WinCo Fried Chicken Prices

At WinCo Foods, an 8-piece fried chicken meal costs just $4.98. This includes 8 pieces of juicy, hand-breaded fried chicken – typically a mix of breasts, thighs, legs and wings. It’s enough to feed 3-4 people easily.

For a larger gathering, a 16-piece bucket costs $9.98. Again, this bucket will have an assortment of breast, thigh, leg and wing pieces.

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These everyday low prices show why WinCo is known as an extreme-value grocer. The chicken is freshly prepared in each store daily too.

How WinCo Compares to Other Grocers?

Compared to other grocery chains, WinCo’s fried chicken is very competitively priced:

    • Costco’s $4.99 rotisserie chicken is a popular deal. But for fried chicken, Costco charges $7.99 for an 8-piece meal. WinCo’s $4.98 price beats it handily.
    • Kroger charges $7.99 for an 8-piece fried chicken meal, much pricier than WinCo.
    • Albertsons’ 8-piece fried chicken meal costs around $9.99 in most regions, essentially twice WinCo’s price.

So across the board, WinCo offers lower fried chicken prices than major competing chains. The difference can really add up for families buying chicken frequently.

Who is cheaper, WinCo or Costco?

WinCo offers lower prices on fried chicken compared to Costco. At WinCo, an 8-piece fried chicken meal is $4.98. Costco charges $7.99 for a similar 8-piece fried chicken meal. When it comes to fried chicken buckets, WinCo provides better value and saves budget-conscious shoppers money.

Why Is WinCo Fried Chicken So Cheap?

There are a few reasons why WinCo can offer such low fried chicken prices:

    • Cost-cutting business model – WinCo is known for its “no-frills” approach. The stores have a warehouse atmosphere to keep costs down.
    • Minimal staffing – Employees work across multiple departments. This keeps labor costs very low.
    • Store prepared – Chickens are fried fresh in-store daily, avoiding middleman markups.
    • High volumes – As a discount grocer, WinCo sells very high volumes of its prepared foods. This allows them to order huge quantities of chicken at lower wholesale prices.

The bottom line is that WinCo has fine-tuned a very efficient chicken frying operation to drive costs down. Shoppers benefit from these everyday low prices.

What Does WinCo Stand For?

WinCo is short for “Winning Company”. It was founded in 1967 by Ralph Ward and Bud Williams. Originally called Waremart, the company changed its name to WinCo Foods in 1999.

Who Owns WinCo Foods?

Unlike most supermarkets, WinCo Foods is privately owned by its employees through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). There are no outside shareholders. This helps avoid pressure to raise prices to boost profits.

The ESOP trusts collectively own 100% of WinCo Foods. With employee ownership, staff have an extra incentive to provide good customer service and control costs.

How much does an 8-piece fried chicken meal cost at WinCo?

An 8-piece fried chicken meal costs $4.98 at WinCo Foods. This includes a variety of chicken pieces and can feed about 4 people.

What’s in WinCo’s fried chicken bucket?

WinCo’s fried chicken buckets contain a mix of breast, thigh, leg and wing pieces. You’ll get an assortment of white and dark meat.

Is WinCo’s fried chicken made fresh in-store?

Yes, each WinCo store has a kitchen where chicken is hand breaded and fried fresh daily. This avoids stabilizers and preservatives used on pre-cooked, shipped chicken.

Does WinCo sell bigger fried chicken meals?

In addition to 8-piece and 16-piece buckets, some WinCo stores offer 20-piece, 24-piece and 28-piece fried chicken meals to feed bigger groups. Check your local store.

Is WinCo fried chicken healthier than other grocery stores?

While fried chicken is not the healthiest choice overall, WinCo does use trans-fat free canola oil for frying. But in general, fried chicken from any grocery chain will be high in fat and sodium.

So in summary, WinCo’s everyday low prices on delicious fried chicken make it a go-to option for shoppers on a budget. The fresh in-store preparation and employee-owned business model help drive the low prices we love. Next time you’re looking for affordable chicken to feed the family, consider grabbing a bucket at WinCo!


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