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How Hot Does Fried Chicken Need To Be?

Frying chicken to crispy, golden brown perfection takes a bit of finesse. The oil temperature plays a key role in achieving the ideal texture and taste. Frying at the right temperature ensures the chicken is cooked through without drying out. Here’s a guide to getting the oil temperature just right for delicious fried chicken.

Ideal Oil Temperature For Fried Chicken

The optimum oil temperature for frying chicken is 350-375°F. This is hot enough to quickly sear the outside of the chicken to lock in juices without overcooking the interior. Chicken dipped in 350°F oil will take 12-15 minutes to reach an internal temperature of 165°F, which is the recommended safe minimum according to the FDA.

Going above 375°F runs the risk of burning the outside before the inside is cooked through. Meanwhile, below 325°F will lead to greasy chicken that absorbs too much oil while cooking slowly. Sticking within the 350-375°F window will give you crispy, golden chicken in the shortest amount of time.

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High vs Medium-High Heat

On the stovetop, the oil should be brought up to temperature over medium-high heat. High heat runs the risk of making the oil too hot in some spots while remaining cooler in others. Medium-high allows for even heating across the entire pot or pan.

Once the oil has come up to temperature, the heat can be reduced to medium to maintain the 350-375° range. Use a deep fry thermometer to monitor the temperature, adjusting the heat as needed to keep it consistent.

Should I fry chicken at 325 or 350?

Fry chicken at 350°F rather than 325°F. The higher 350°F temperature will crisp up the outside and lock in juices more quickly and efficiently. Chicken fried at 325°F will absorb more oil and take longer to cook and crisp. 350°F gives you optimal texture and moisture in the shortest fry time.

Is 400 degrees too hot to fry chicken?

Yes, 400°F is too hot for frying chicken. That high temperature will burn the coating and exterior of the chicken before the inside has time to cook through fully. Stick to a maximum oil temperature of 375°F. 400°F and above risks undercooked chicken and excessive burning and charring on the outside pieces.

Frying Tips

    • Let chicken pieces come up to room temperature before frying for even cooking.
    • Use a thermometer to monitor oil temp. Adjust heat to maintain between 350-375°F.
    • Don’t overcrowd the pan – fry chicken in batches to maintain proper oil temperature.
    • Allow chicken to rest on a wire rack for 5 minutes after frying for optimal texture.

So, How hot does fried chicken need to be?

The takeaway is that maintaining your fryer or oil between 350-375°F will give you the crispy fried chicken you crave. Investing in a thermometer takes the guesswork out of figuring out if the oil is hot enough. With this optimal temperature range, you’ll turn out perfectly fried chicken every time.

Should you fry chicken on medium or high heat?

You should fry chicken on medium-high heat rather than high heat. High heat can cause the oil temperature to spike unevenly, leading to hot and cool spots. Medium-high allows the oil to heat evenly across the entire pan or fryer to the ideal 350-375°F range. Once the oil is up to temperature, you can lower to medium heat to maintain frying temp.

Should chicken be fried on low or high heat?

Chicken should be fried on medium-high heat, not low or high heat. High heat makes the oil temperature fluctuate too much. Low heat will lead to greasy, underdone chicken. Medium-high allows the oil to come up to the ideal 350-375°F temperature for perfect frying results.


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