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Does Fried Chicken Lower Testosterone?

Testosterone is an important hormone for both men and women. It plays a role in muscle growth, bone density, libido, and more. Lifestyle factors like diet can impact testosterone levels, leading some to wonder if eating fried chicken could lower Testosterone.

While fried foods in general are not associated with decreased testosterone, the saturated fats and trans fats found in some fried items may negatively affect hormones. Additionally, being overweight or obese is linked to lower testosterone, and eating a lot of fried foods may contribute to weight gain.

So what’s the verdict on fried chicken and testosterone? Here’s what the research says so far:

Does Fried Chicken Lower Testosterone?

The link between eating fried chicken and lower testosterone levels is not completely straightforward, but there are a few reasons why this popular fried food may potentially reduce testosterone over time.

The first is that fried chicken is high in saturated fat and often contains trans fats, both of which have been associated with decreased testosterone in some studies. When chicken is deep fried in oils high in saturated fat like coconut or palm oil, the meat absorbs these fats.

The high levels of saturated fats may suppress testosterone production according to research. Fried chicken cooked in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils also contains trans fats, which interfere with testosterone synthesis.

Secondly, regularly eating high calorie fried foods like chicken can contribute to weight gain over time. The more excess body fat a person carries, the more aromatase enzymes they tend to have. Aromatase converts testosterone in the body into estrogen.

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Higher estrogen and lower testosterone levels are commonly seen in obese men. Even being moderately overweight is linked to lower testosterone. So overindulging in fried chicken and other calorie-dense foods may decrease T levels indirectly by promoting weight gain.

Finally, fried chicken lacks the nutrients that help support healthy testosterone like zinc, vitamin D and essential fats. Zinc rich foods boost testosterone production. Vitamin D also helps regulate testosterone. And healthy fats from plants and fish provide building blocks for key hormones. Fried chicken is devoid of these protective nutrients.

The occasional serving of fried chicken likely won’t move the needle on testosterone levels much. But regularly eating fried chicken instead of grilled, baked or broiled versions may contribute to lowered T over time. Limiting fried chicken intake, watching portion sizes and getting enough exercise can help counteract any potential decreases in testosterone from this popular comfort food.

Fried vs Baked Chicken

One study compared the effects of consuming deep fried chicken versus baked chicken on testosterone levels in healthy men. They found that deep fried chicken significantly decreased total and free testosterone levels compared to baked chicken. The authors suggest this effect may be related to the saturated and trans fats found in fried chicken.

Saturated Fats

There is some evidence that diets high in saturated fats may reduce testosterone. Saturated fats are found in high amounts in fried chicken and other deep fried foods. However, more research is needed on the direct link between saturated fats and testosterone.

Trans Fats

Artificial trans fats found in some fried foods are linked to decreased testosterone. One study found that replacing trans fats with monounsaturated fats like olive oil was associated with significantly higher testosterone levels. Fried chicken cooked in partially hydrogenated oils may contain trans fats.

Weight Gain

Fried chicken is high in calories and fat, which could contribute to weight gain over time. Being overweight or obese is associated with lower testosterone levels. This effect seems to be mediated by higher estrogen production in fat cells.

So while fried chicken alone may not directly reduce T, its high saturated and trans fat content, as well as potential contribution to weight gain, could indirectly affect testosterone levels. To keep T levels healthy, it may be best to limit fried foods high in saturated and trans fats, maintain a healthy weight, and get enough exercise.

Does fried food lower testosterone?

Fried foods may lower testosterone levels when eaten regularly over time. During deep frying, oils break down into saturated fats and trans fats. Diets high in saturated fat and trans fat are associated with lower testosterone in some studies. Trans fats in particular interfere with testosterone synthesis.

Fried foods also tend to be high in calories, contributing to weight gain, which indirectly lowers testosterone. Overall, frequent consumption of fried foods may negatively impact testosterone, especially in men with pre-existing low levels.

Does chicken decrease testosterone?

Chicken does not inherently decrease testosterone. Skinless, baked or grilled chicken can be part of a testosterone-friendly diet. However, fried chicken may lower T levels if eaten regularly. The way chicken is prepared makes a difference.

Fried chicken contains more saturated and trans fats, which may suppress testosterone production compared to baked or grilled chicken. Overcooking chicken until charred very well done may also lower testosterone-boosting nutrients. But moderately cooked chicken is a lean protein that supports muscle growth and healthy T.

Do greasy foods lower testosterone?

Greasy foods may lower testosterone when they contain large amounts of saturated and trans fats. These unhealthy fats are linked to reduced testosterone in research studies. Sources of greasy foods like fried items, fatty red meat, bacon and cheeseburgers provide significant saturated fat.

Processed fast foods and packaged snacks often contain trans fats as well. Too much dietary saturated and trans fats from heavily greasy foods can negatively impact testosterone over time.

What foods cause low testosterone?

Many processed foods may contribute to lower testosterone levels when eaten regularly as a large part of the diet. Big sources include fried fare, fast food, packaged baked goods, pizza, microwave meals, chips, crackers, cookies and candy.

These low nutrient foods are high in bad fats, sodium, added sugars and calories that drive down testosterone and health. Swapping processed foods for whole foods like vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, nuts, seeds and healthy fats helps support optimal T.

What foods should I eat to increase low testosterone from my diet?

To naturally increase low testosterone, focus on getting enough healthy fats from foods like fatty fish, olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds. Also make sure to consume enough vitamin D and zinc by eating foods like fish, eggs, shellfish and mushrooms.

What foods lower testosterone the most?

Foods high in trans fats like fried foods, margarine, and processed baked goods tend to lower testosterone the most. A very high carbohydrate diet may also reduce testosterone. Limit processed foods as much as possible.

Does grilling chicken instead of frying affect testosterone?

Yes, grilling chicken is preferable to frying to support healthy testosterone levels. Grilled chicken contains less saturated and trans fats compared to fried chicken. Opt for grilled, baked or broiled chicken as healthier options.

How can I boost my testosterone through diet?

Eat more zinc and vitamin D rich foods like oysters, fish, eggs, mushrooms and fortified dairy. Get healthy fats from avocados, olive oil, nuts and seeds. Limit sweets, refined carbs and saturated/trans fats. Stay hydrated and keep alcohol moderate.


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