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Does Fried Chicken Go With Spaghetti?

Fried chicken and spaghetti may seem like an unusual combination, but these two comfort foods can pair surprisingly well together. While not a traditional Italian-American pairing, there are some good reasons to give this mashup a try.

Does Fried Chicken Go With Spaghetti?

While it may seem an unlikely pairing at first, fried chicken and spaghetti can actually work very well together. This combination of crispy fried chicken and saucy pasta has its roots in Southern cooking traditions, where the two dishes have long been served alongside one another at family dinners.

When done right, the flavors and textures can be quite complementary. The key is frying the chicken so that it has a very crisp, seasoned coating and using a tomato-based pasta sauce flavored with garlic, onions and herbs. The crunchy fried exterior contrasts nicely with the soft pasta. The savory, peppy tomato sauce also helps cut through the richness of the fried chicken.

Additionally, both dishes are comfort foods in their own right, so putting them together makes for a very satisfying, nostalgic meal. Kids and adults alike often love this fun mix of Italian-American and Southern cuisine. It’s also relatively simple to prepare, with the chicken frying while the pasta sauce simmers.

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To serve it, opt for boneless chicken pieces to make it easier to eat alongside pasta. Mix some of the hot sauce into the pasta to prevent it from drying out. Garnish with grated parmesan for a hit of salty, nutty flavor. Round it out with a green salad, garlic bread and you have a hearty, budget-friendly dinner perfect for family meals.

While fried chicken and spaghetti may seem an unorthodox pairing initially, once you try it, you’ll likely find it to be a delicious, comforting combination. The crispy chicken, tomatoey pasta and contrast of flavors and textures come together in an unexpectedly delightful way. So don’t knock it till you try it – this Southern tradition is worth adding to your dinner rotation.

A Popular Southern Tradition

In the American South, fried chicken and spaghetti is a beloved and time-honored meal combination. The crispy, juicy chicken acts as a counterpoint to the soft, saucy spaghetti. The combination provides a nice mix of textures and flavors.

Many Southern families traditionally serve fried chicken alongside spaghetti at dinner. Some even prepare the two dishes together in one pot, allowing the chicken to cook right in the spaghetti sauce. The chicken ends up absorbing those savory, tomatoey flavors.

Complementary Flavors

The rich, savory flavors of fried chicken go quite nicely with a tomato-based spaghetti sauce. The garlic, herbs and spices used in the sauce pick up on the seasoning of the crispy fried chicken. The creamy mozzarella melted on top also complements the crunchy chicken coating.

The acidity of the tomato sauce helps cut through the crispy fried coating on the chicken. Together, the two dishes offer a satisfying blend of flavors and textures.

Quick and Comforting

Both fried chicken and spaghetti qualify as comfort foods. So serving them together makes for a very cozy, comforting meal. It’s also relatively quick and easy to pull together. The spaghetti sauce can simmer while the chicken fries up. And leftovers of each can be repurposed into all kinds of dishes like chicken parmesan, sandwiches, casseroles and more.

Tips for Serving Fried Chicken and Spaghetti

Here are some tips for successfully pairing fried chicken and pasta:

    • Use boneless, skinless chicken thighs or breasts for easier eating with pasta. Fry up some chicken drumsticks on the side if desired.
    • Make sure the chicken is well-seasoned and crispy. The crunch plays off the sauce nicely.
    • Opt for a tomato-based pasta sauce flavored with garlic, onion and herbs. Avoid heavy cream-based sauces.
    • Toss the hot pasta with a bit of sauce to prevent it from drying out when served with the chicken.
    • Grated parmesan on top adds a nice salty, nutty accent.
    • Round out the meal with a leafy green side salad or steamed broccoli.
    • Garlic bread or buttery dinner rolls make excellent accompaniments for dunking in the sauce.
    • Kids and adults alike will love this fun, filling meal. It’s budget-friendly too.

Give It a Try

While fried chicken and spaghetti may sound unconventional, don’t knock it till you try it. The combination of crispy, juicy chicken and soft, saucy pasta is surprisingly satisfying. It brings together the best of Southern and Italian-American comfort food traditions.

So the next time you’re cooking up some chicken or whipping up a pot of pasta, consider bringing these two favorites together on the same plate. You may just find a new favorite mealtime pairing.

Is fried chicken and spaghetti a thing?

Yes, fried chicken and spaghetti is a popular meal combination, especially in the American South. Putting crispy fried chicken and tomato-based pasta together has long been a tradition in Southern cooking.

The savory flavors pair well, and both dishes are beloved comfort foods. The crunchy chicken contrasts nicely with the soft pasta. While not as ubiquitous as spaghetti and meatballs, chicken spaghetti is a recognizable dinner entree throughout the South and beyond.

What does fried chicken pair with?

Fried chicken pairs well with an array of sides. Classic pairings include biscuits, cornbread, mashed potatoes, greens, coleslaw, baked beans and mac and cheese. The crunchy chicken also complements creamy or vinegar-based pasta salads and potato salad.

More broadly, fried chicken works well with salty, acidic sides that cut through the crispy coating. Fries and pickles are other popular pairings. For a bit of sweetness, fried chicken is great alongside honey, cornbread with honey butter, or waffles and syrup.

Does chicken and pasta go together?

Chicken and pasta is a classic combination. Dishes like chicken parmesan, chicken alfredo and chicken cacciatore all join chicken with pasta. Sautéed chicken served over spaghetti or linguine, topped with a tomato or creamy sauce, makes for a simple, comforting meal.

And chicken noodle soup is essentially chicken pasta soup. The flavors of chicken, tomatoes, garlic and herbs marry nicely with pasta. So yes, chicken and pasta very much go together, in many deliciously satisfying ways.

What do Americans eat fried chicken with?

Americans most often eat fried chicken with Southern-style side dishes. Classic pairings include mashed potatoes, biscuits, cornbread, coleslaw, collard greens and the like. French fries and potato salad are other frequent pairings.

Fried chicken is also popularly served with waffles, syrup, cornbread with honey butter and the occasional vegetables like green beans. And in the South especially, fried chicken is sometimes paired with pasta dishes like spaghetti. The crispy chicken works well with the variety of flavors and textures these sides provide.

Is chicken parm the same as chicken with spaghetti?

Chicken parmesan consists of fried chicken breast topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese, served over pasta. Chicken and spaghetti is typically fried chicken served alongside pasta tossed with tomato sauce, without the cheese topping. Both dishes pair fried chicken with an Italian-style tomato sauce pasta.


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