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Chicken Doner vs Lamb Doner: Which is Better?

Doner kebabs are a popular street food consisting of spiced meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. The traditional choice of meat for doner is lamb. However, chicken doner has become an increasingly common alternative. So which meat makes the better doner: lamb or chicken?

What is a Lamb Doner?

Lamb has a distinct savory, gamey flavor that pairs well with bold spices. It has more fat compared to chicken, resulting in juicy, tender meat when cooked as a doner kebab. As lamb ages, it develops more intense flavors. Many kebab aficionados insist mature lamb produces the best doner.

Another advantage of lamb doner is its traditional heritage. Doner kebab originated in Turkey, where lamb was the meat of choice. Using lamb pays homage to the dish’s roots. Those seeking an authentic doner experience often prefer lamb.

What is a chicken doner?

A chicken doner is a version of doner kebab made with spiced, stacked chicken meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. It uses the same method as traditional lamb doner kebab, but substitutes chicken for the lamb. The chicken is seasoned with spices, molded into a conical shape, and stacked tightly on the rotisserie spit.

As it cooks, the exterior of the chicken doner browns while the inner meat stays juicy from self-basting. Slices are then shaved off to order and served in pita or on a plate. Chicken doner has become popular due to the fast cooking time, mild flavor and lower cost compared to lamb doner.

What is the difference between chicken kebab and doner?

The main difference between chicken kebab and chicken doner is the cooking method. Doner kebab meat is rotated vertically on a spit to roast thinly sliced stacks of meat. The continuous rotation allows the meat to self-baste in its juices and fat for tenderness.

Chicken kebabs are typically cooked horizontally on skewers over direct heat from a grill or in an oven. The meat pieces don’t self-baste. Doner kebab also uses meat that is pressed together before cooking, while kebab meat is in small chunks.

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Finally, doner meat is shaved off vertically in thin slices, while kebabs are removed from skewers for serving.

Lamb vs Chicken Doner: Key Differences

    • Flavor – Lamb has a richer, meatier flavor while chicken is milder.
    • Fat content – Lamb doner contains more fat and is therefore juicier. Chicken doner is leaner.
    • Cost – Chicken is cheaper and more readily available. Lamb is more expensive.
    • Cooking time – Chicken cooks faster on the rotisserie.
    • Tradition – Lamb is more authentic to classic doner kebab.

Chicken Doner vs Lamb Doner: Which one is Better?

Opinions differ on which meat makes the superior doner. Much comes down to personal taste preferences. Those who enjoy bold meat flavors may favor lamb doner. People looking for a lighter and cheaper option tend to prefer chicken.

For the most authentic doner kebab experience, lamb is the traditional choice. But both meats can be used to make delicious doner when spiced and cooked properly. The quality of the meat and preparation are more important than the specific type.

Is lamb doner or chicken doner better?

There is no definitive answer as to whether lamb or chicken makes the better doner kebab. Each meat has its own advantages. Lamb doner is more flavorful and fatty, providing a richer taste and tender texture. However, the gamier flavor of lamb may be too strong for some.

Chicken doner has a milder flavor and leaner meat. It cooks faster and is typically cheaper than lamb. So it comes down to personal preference. Lamb doner is better if you enjoy bold, savory flavors. Chicken doner is better if you prefer a lighter, easier-to-find and inexpensive option.

Is doner meat lamb or chicken?

Traditionally, the meat used for doner kebab is lamb. Dating back to its origins in Turkey, lamb has been the customary choice because its fatty marbling produces juicy, flavorful meat when stacked and cooked vertically on a rotisserie spit.

However, chicken doner has become increasingly popular due to the lower cost, milder taste and faster cooking time of chicken. Nowadays, both lamb and chicken are common meats used for doner kebab at restaurants and food trucks. But lamb remains the more traditional and authentic choice.


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