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Can You Use Maseca for Fried Chicken?

Maseca, known as masa harina, is a popular flour made from treated corn that can be used to create deliciously crispy fried chicken. Maseca has some advantages over other flours when it comes to frying. Here’s what you need to know about using Maseca for fried chicken and how it compares to other frying flours.

Can You Use Maseca for Fried Chicken?

Yes, Maseca, also known as masa harina, can absolutely be used to make delicious crispy fried chicken. Maseca is a flour made from treated corn that has some unique properties that make it an excellent choice for frying foods like chicken.

One of the biggest advantages of using Maseca is its very fine, bright white texture. This allows it to fry up into an exceptionally light and crunchy crust on foods like fried chicken. The texture of Maseca is finer than regular cornmeal and has a beautiful opaque white color when fried.

Maseca also has a mild corn flavor that enhances the taste of fried chicken without overpowering it. The subtle corn taste adds a delicious undertone to the chicken. Many people find they prefer fried chicken coated in Maseca compared to typical wheat flour because of its flavor.

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Additionally, Maseca contains no gluten, making it a tasty option for anyone who needs to avoid gluten in their diet. It can give the same crispy fried texture to chicken as wheat flours.

When coating chicken in Maseca for frying, you can seasoning the flour itself with salt, pepper, spices, and herbs before dredging the chicken. Or use it plain for a simple crunchy crust. Make sure to fry the Maseca coated chicken in hot oil (325-375°F) until deeply golden brown and cooked through. Maseca will get darker than wheat flour when fried but retains a bright white interior.

For the absolute crispiest texture, try double dredging the chicken in Maseca by coating in flour, then egg, then back into the Maseca again before frying. The Maseca will develop a shatteringly crisp crust.

Why Use Maseca for Fried Chicken?

Maseca has a fine, bright white texture that makes for a light, crunchy crust on fried foods. It has a mild corn flavor that enhances the taste of fried chicken without overpowering it. Maseca also contains no gluten, so it’s a good option for gluten-free diets. Additionally, it can help fried foods stay extra crispy even when they cool.

How Maseca Compares to Other Flours?

All-purpose flour: The most common frying flour, all-purpose flour has a neutral flavor and can make fried chicken crispy. However, the crust may turn out lighter in color and not as crunchy as Maseca.

Cornstarch: Creates a super crispy crust but can also cause fried chicken to stick to the pan more. Mixing cornstarch with flour helps cut down on sticking.

Rice flour: Another gluten-free option that makes very crunchy fried chicken. The flavor is also neutral.

Breading Crust Tips for Crispy Fried Chicken

    • For extra crispy chicken, dredge in flour, egg, and flour again to double coat.
    • Let breaded chicken rest in the fridge for 30 minutes before frying to help crust adhere.
    • Fry chicken in peanut, vegetable, or canola oil heated to 325-350°F.
    • Fry chicken in batches to maintain oil temperature.
    • Allow chicken to rest briefly after frying before serving for maximum crispy texture.

So in summary, yes Maseca can make exceptionally delicious fried chicken with a light crunch and subtle corn undertones. It’s fine texture was specifically designed to fry up beautiful crusts. Give Maseca a try for your next batch of fried chicken!

What flour is best for frying chicken?

For frying chicken, Maseca and all-purpose flour are considered the top two best options. Maseca, also called masa harina, is made from treated corn and has a very fine texture that is extra crispy and light. It also has a subtle corn flavor that enhances the chicken. All-purpose flour has a more neutral taste but can still make a deliciously crispy crust on fried chicken. Both Maseca and all-purpose flour develop a nice golden brown exterior when fried.

What is the best flour for crispy frying?

The best flours for getting the crispiest crust when frying foods are Maseca, corn starch, and rice flour. Maseca has a uniquely fine and bright white texture that remains super crunchy even when fried chicken cools. Corn starch can also create an ultra crispy crust, though it may cause sticking. Mixing cornstarch with flour helps reduce sticking issues. Rice flour is another excellent option for crispy fried foods with a neutral flavor.

What do you use Maseca for?

Maseca, or masa harina, is traditionally used to make Mexican cuisine like tortillas, tamales, pupusas, and empanadas. The finely ground corn flour is the perfect texture for making masa dough for tortillas. Maseca is now also gaining popularity as a gluten-free and ultra crispy frying flour for making fried chicken, fish fries, and other crunchy fried foods.

Is fried chicken better with cornstarch or flour?

Flour generally makes a lighter, more tender and golden crispy crust on fried chicken while cornstarch can make it exceptionally crunchy and shatteringly crisp. Many fried chicken recipes call for a blend of cornstarch and flour to achieve the benefits of both. The cornstarch helps amplify the crispiness while the flour provides some tenderness and color.


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