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Can You Make Fried Chicken Without Breadcrumbs?

Fried chicken is a beloved comfort food for many people. The crispy, crunchy coating is a key part of what makes fried chicken so tasty. Traditionally, fried chicken is dredged in flour, dipped in egg wash, and then coated in breadcrumbs before frying. However, breadcrumbs aren’t absolutely necessary to make delicious fried chicken. There are a few breadcrumb alternatives you can use to get that crispy fried coating.

Can You Make Fried Chicken Without Breadcrumbs?

Yes, you absolutely can make delicious crispy fried chicken without using breadcrumbs in the coating. While breadcrumbs are traditionally used in fried chicken recipes, they are not essential for getting a crunchy crust. There are several easy substitutions you can use instead of breadcrumbs to coat the chicken before frying.

Crushed saltine crackers make an excellent coating alternative, providing crunchy texture and salty flavor that compliments fried chicken. You can also use crushed corn flakes or other crispy cereals like Rice Krispies. The cereal crumbs will fry up crisp and add a touch of sweetness. Japanese panko breadcrumbs are ideal for frying because their large, flaky shape creates an extra crunchy crust.

For a more unconventional choice, you can coat chicken in crushed pork rinds prior to frying. The end result is remarkably crunchy and delicious. Using plain seasoned flour rather than breadcrumbs will also work well. Just mix flour with spices like garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper and dredge chicken pieces in the flour mixture before frying. The flour will create a nicely crisped fried exterior.

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Whichever coating you use, allowing the chicken to air dry uncovered in the fridge before frying helps the coating adhere better. Dredge chicken in buttermilk or egg before the coating as well. Press the coating on firmly so it forms an even layer. Letting coated chicken rest for 5-10 minutes before carefully frying until golden brown ensures the crust will get perfectly crispy.

With the proper preparation, coating, and frying methods, you can absolutely make flavorful fried chicken with an amazingly crunchy crust without using breadcrumbs at all. Don’t be afraid to experiment with crackers, cereal, pork rinds, or seasoned flour to find your favorite breadcrumb-free fried chicken.

Do I need breadcrumbs to make fried chicken?

While breadcrumbs are standard in fried chicken recipes, they are not essential. Breadcrumbs help seal in moisture and provide a crispy texture, but there are other ways to achieve a similar result. Breadcrumbs can be swapped for things like crushed crackers, cornflake cereal, panko, or a mixture of flour and spices.

What can you use for fried chicken instead of bread crumbs?

    • Crackers – Crushed saltines, Ritz crackers, or savory crackers make a great crunchy coating for fried chicken. The salty flavor also complements the chicken well.
    • Cornflakes – Crush cornflake cereal into fine crumbs for a crispy alternative with a slightly sweeter flavor.
    • Panko – Japanese-style breadcrumbs provide an extra crunchy texture. The large flakes help create a crispy outer layer.
    • Flour – Using seasoned flour helps dry out the exterior and provides a crispy crust. Add spices like paprika, garlic powder, cayenne, salt, and pepper.
    • Pork Rinds – Crushed pork rinds make an unconventional coating that is delightfully crunchy.

Frying Tips for Breadcrumb-Free Chicken

    • Allow chicken pieces to air dry in the fridge uncovered for better adhesion. Pat very dry before dredging.
    • Use buttermilk or egg wash before coating to help the crust stick. Allow excess to drip off.
    • Press coating mixture firmly onto chicken to form an even layer that adheres.
    • Let coated chicken rest for 5-10 minutes before frying for the crunchiest texture.
    • Fry in small batches at 325-350°F until golden brown, flipping once, about 12-15 minutes total.
    • Drain fried chicken on a wire rack or paper towels. Sprinkle it with salt after frying.

So while breadcrumbs may be the most common coating, you can absolutely make delicious crisp fried chicken without them. With a well-adhered coating and proper frying technique, you can enjoy the same crispy fried chicken texture using a variety of breadcrumb alternatives. Get creative and discover your favorite way to crust up your chicken!

What can you use for fried chicken instead of bread crumbs?

Instead of breadcrumbs, you can use crushed saltine crackers, panko breadcrumbs, crushed corn flakes, crushed Rice Krispies, or even crushed pork rinds to coat fried chicken. The crackers, cereal crumbs, and pork rinds will all fry up crunchy and delicious as a substitute for standard breadcrumbs. You can also simply use seasoned flour mixed with spices like paprika, garlic powder, cayenne, and black pepper to dredge the chicken pieces before frying.

Does fried chicken have to be breaded?

No, fried chicken does not need to be breaded in order to be crispy and flavorful. While breading is traditional, you can absolutely make fried chicken without breadcrumbs or any breaded coating. Using alternative coatings like crushed crackers, panko, cereal crumbs, pork rinds, or seasoned flour will still allow you to achieve a wonderfully crunchy fried crust on the chicken when it is fried.

How do you fry food without breadcrumbs?

To fry foods without using breadcrumbs, you can coat items in crushed saltine crackers, cornflake cereal, panko crumbs, pork rinds, or seasoned flour instead. Whisking a few tablespoons of cornstarch into flour will also help provide a crispy coating when frying. Allowing items to dry thoroughly before coating and pressing the coating on firmly ensures it will adhere well during frying.

Do you need breadcrumbs to deep fry?

No, you do not need breadcrumbs to deep fry foods. Items can be coated in crushed crackers, panko, cereal crumbs, pork rinds, or seasoned flour for deep frying instead of using breadcrumbs. The key is patting items very dry before dredging in the coating so it sticks, and allowing any excess coating to drip off before carefully lowering into the hot oil. This will still result in a crispy fried crust without using breadcrumbs.


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