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Can You Eat Fried Chicken on Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet, also known as the zero-carb diet, is an eating plan that involves eating only animal foods like meat, fish, eggs, and certain dairy products. It excludes all plant foods, including vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and plant-based oils.

Many people adopt this diet to reduce inflammation, ease autoimmune symptoms, or lose weight. But can you occasionally indulge in fried chicken on this meat-heavy regimen? Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Eat Fried Chicken on the Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet involves eating only animal foods like beef, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy while avoiding all plant foods. Fried chicken is breaded and fried, meaning it contains plant-based ingredients that are not allowed. The flour breading and vegetable oil used for frying go against the principles of the carnivore diet.

However, some carnivore followers opt to still occasionally eat fried chicken. The meat underneath the breading is animal protein, which does fit the diet. Removing the skin and breading yourself before eating just the fried chicken meat is an option. Or you may choose to indulge in a few pieces of breaded fried chicken on rare social occasions without going overboard.

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Strict carnivore enthusiasts advise staying completely away from any restricted foods like fried chicken to prevent triggering cravings or unfavorable symptoms. They recommend sticking to unbreaded grilled, baked or air-fried chicken instead. But others take a more flexible approach for the sake of enjoyment and sustainability.

At the end of the day, how strictly you adhere to the carnivore diet and whether you avoid breaded fried chicken completely comes down to your specific needs and preferences. Paying attention to how you feel and letting your energy and health goals guide you is key. The carnivore diet can be personalized to allow you to find a balance that works for you.

What Is Fried Chicken?

Fried chicken refers to chicken that has been breaded or battered then fried in oil until crispy. The batter often contains flour or breadcrumbs along with seasonings. Frying locks in moisture, adds crunch, and imparts delicious flavor. Fried chicken is a popular comfort food and staple menu item of fast food chains and restaurants.

Is Fried Chicken Allowed on Carnivores?

Strict carnivore followers advise excluding all plant foods, including the batter and breading on fried chicken. The flour or breadcrumbs make fried chicken an avoided food. However, many carnivore dieters still enjoy fried chicken occasionally without issues. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide if this treat fits into their carnivore plan.

Potential Drawbacks of Eating Fried Chicken on Carnivore

Here are some potential downsides of eating breaded, fried chicken while following a zero-carb carnivore way of eating:

    • The flour or breading introduces non-animal carbs into the diet which goes against carnivore principles. Some people react poorly or experience setbacks in their health goals.
    • The vegetable oil used for frying is also not carnivore-approved. Certain oils like canola are highly processed and inflammatory.
    • Fried foods in general are considered less healthy. Frying can damage oils, introduce harmful compounds, and provide empty calories.
    • Eating fried chicken may trigger cravings for other restricted foods like fries, biscuits, or coleslaw. It can be hard to stop at just one “off-plan” meal.

How to Make Fried Chicken Fit Your Carnivore Plan

If you want to occasionally work fried chicken into your carnivore journey, here are some tips:

    • Opt for grilled, baked, or air-fried chicken instead. This avoids the breading and deep-frying aspects.
    • Remove the skin and breading yourself before eating the fried chicken meat. The chicken underneath still provides protein.
    • Use a high-quality animal fat like tallow or lard for frying instead of vegetable oils. Frying in duck fat also imparts delicious flavor.
    • Be mindful of portion size and don’t overdo it. Have just a few small pieces along with your other carnivore-approved foods.
    • Consider saving fried chicken for rare social occasions so it doesn’t become a common habit.

The Carnivore Diet and Food Freedom

At the end of the day, the carnivore diet is meant to be personalized based on your individual needs and preferences. While fried chicken is not an “approved” carnivore food, incorporating the occasional piece into an otherwise carnivore-aligned eating pattern is unlikely to sabotage your results. Pay attention to how you feel and let your energy, mood, and other biofeedback guide you. Achieving long-term success involves finding a sustainable balance that allows you to stick with it!

Can I eat chicken wings on carnivore diet?

Most plain chicken wings without breading or sauce are carnivore approved. The skin, meat, and fat provide protein and calories. Avoid breaded wings or those sauced with barbecue, Buffalo, or other condiments that likely contain sugars. Opt for wings cooked simply in olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Can you eat chicken thighs on carnivore diet?

Yes, chicken thighs are perfectly allowed on the carnivore diet. Skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs offer fatty cuts of meat. The skin provides healthy fats and the bones add collagen when simmered into broth. Chicken thighs are versatile – bake, grill, or slow cook them whole or dice them up for chicken salads.

Why can’t you eat chicken on a carnivore diet?

There is no reason you can’t eat chicken on the carnivore diet. In fact, chicken is encouraged as a lean protein source. All parts of the chicken are fair game including wings, thighs, drumsticks, breast, even feet and organ meats. The only caveat would be breaded or fried chicken. The breading contains non-allowed carbohydrates. But plain roasted, grilled, or baked chicken is a carnivore diet staple.

Can you fry food on the carnivore diet?

Frying food in oil is generally not recommended on the carnivore diet since oils, especially processed vegetable oils, are restricted. However, you can occasionally fry foods in animal fats like lard, tallow or duck fat. Using animal fats aligns better with carnivore diet principles since you are cooking with a fat source coming directly from an animal.


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