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Can You Eat Fried Chicken If You Have Diarrhea?

Diarrhea can leave you feeling weak and drained of nutrients. When you’re dealing with diarrhea, your first instinct may be to avoid all foods. But completely abstaining from food can make diarrhea worse. The key is sticking to foods that are easy for your body to digest. So can you enjoy fried favorites like chicken tenders when you have diarrhea? Let’s take a closer look.

Can You Eat Fried Chicken If You Have Diarrhea?

Eating fried chicken while you have diarrhea is not an outright bad idea, but it does require some caution and awareness of your body’s needs.

Fried chicken contains quite a bit of fat from whatever oil it is cooked in, be that vegetable oil, peanut oil, or other frying mediums. Fats take longer to digest, meaning fatty foods like fried chicken can linger in your digestive tract, allowing more time for water to seep into the bowels and contribute to loose stools. So fried chicken is not necessarily the easiest food for a compromised digestive system to handle.

However, fried chicken still provides protein, which is important for recovering the strength lost from diarrheal episodes. So while greasy fast food style fried chicken may be ill-advised, eating some properly prepared fried chicken in moderation could be feasible. Homemade fried chicken uses less oil and breading, making it gentler on the stomach. And baked or grilled chicken eliminates the oil factor altogether while still supplying protein.

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It’s best to stick to bland starches like rice, toast or oatmeal initially when diarrhea strikes. But once the worst has passed, sampling small portions of fried chicken and seeing how your body handles it can determine whether it’s a viable option for you during recovery. The key is listening to your own digestive cues. Diarrhea severity and tolerance levels vary by individual.

So be mindful of fried chicken’s fat content, prepare it wisely at home if attempting, and most importantly – take note of how your unique digestive system responds. With some care and awareness, enjoying this savory treat in moderation may be possible for some during bouts of diarrhea. But opt for lighter proteins and starchy binders if fried fare seems to exacerbate discomfort.

Should You Eat Fried Foods With Diarrhea?

Fried foods are often discouraged when you’re experiencing diarrhea. That’s because the oil used in frying can aggravate diarrhea symptoms. The high fat content of fried foods causes food to move more slowly through your gastrointestinal tract. This gives more time for excess water to accumulate in the stool, resulting in loose bowel movements.

However, avoiding all fried foods may be an overcorrection. Moderation is key. Fried chicken prepared at home using healthy oil contains protein needed to recover from diarrhea. Just avoid heavily breaded fried foods from restaurants, which tend to be higher in fat.

What 12 foods stop diarrhea?

Here are 12 foods that can help stop diarrhea:

    1. Bananas – High in potassium, which is lost through diarrhea
    2. Rice – Starchy, easy to digest, and binding
    3. Applesauce – Gentle source of fiber and nutrients
    4. Toast – Starch and fiber to absorb excess water in bowels
    5. Chicken soup – Provides sodium, calories and hydration
    6. Potatoes – Starchy and mild on stomach
    7. Probiotic yogurt – Replenishes good gut bacteria
    8. Oatmeal – Absorbs water and soothes intestines
    9. Eggs – Protein for recovery without irritating bowels
    10. Coconut water – Electrolyte replacement
    11. Chamomile tea – Calms intestinal spasms
    12. Chicken – Provides protein without fat of fried chicken

So while fried chicken is not strictly off limits, turning to the foods above can help relieve diarrhea more effectively. Focus on bland starches and easy to digest proteins. Stay hydrated and replenish electrolytes lost from fluid loss.

Can I eat chicken fried rice during diarrhea?

Chicken fried rice is a classic takeout favorite. But is it a smart choice when you’re experiencing diarrhea? Not necessarily. Traditional fried rice contains ingredients that may worsen diarrhea, like:

    • Fried rice noodles – High in fat, may stimulate bowel movements
    • Raw veggies like peas and carrots – Hard to digest
    • Oils used for frying – Can stimulate bowel movements
    • Spices – May irritate stomach lining

You can try ordering plain white rice only from your favorite Chinese restaurant. Opt for steamed or grilled chicken on the side instead of fried. Avoid spicy sauces as well. This will give you the protein boost without upsetting your stomach further.

What is the best food to eat when you have diarrhea?

The BRAT diet is a good starting point for diarrhea relief. BRAT stands for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. These bland, starchy foods provide nutrients while also absorbing excess fluid in the intestines to firm up loose stools. Bananas replenish potassium lost from diarrhea and contain pectin to soothe the gut lining. White rice is easy to digest. Applesauce provides electrolytes without exacerbating diarrhea like raw fruits can. Toast made from white bread acts like a sponge to soak up liquid.

Beyond BRAT foods, boiled potatoes, plain chicken, eggs, coconut water, oatmeal and yogurt can also ease diarrhea symptoms. The key is sticking to foods that are high in absorbable carbohydrates but lower in fiber, fat and spice, which can overtax your irritated bowel. Pay attention to your body’s cues and slowly transition back to your normal diet as diarrhea improves. With rest and the proper nutrition, your digestive system should recover fully within a few days.

Is fried food bad after diarrhea?

Fried foods are not necessarily bad after a bout of diarrhea, but they do need to be eaten in moderation. Diarrhea can leave the digestive system feeling irritated and sensitive. Frying food adds a high amount of fat that can be difficult to digest during this compromised state. The fat causes food to move through the gut slower, allowing more time for excess liquid to seep into the bowels and result in loose stools.

So consuming large amounts of heavy fried foods immediately after diarrhea may prolong symptoms.

However, this doesn’t mean fried foods have to be completely avoided. Introducing them slowly and in limited quantities can allow you to gauge your tolerance. The key is listening to your body’s cues and responding accordingly. If consuming a small portion of fried chicken or french fries results in a flare-up of urgent, watery stools, then it’s best to avoid them until your GI function improves.

But if they are well tolerated, there’s no strict need to eliminate them, just practice moderation. Take care to use healthy frying oils like olive or coconut oil at home instead of vegetable or hydrogenated oils. The better quality fat will be gentler on your healing gut.

Listen To Your Body

Diarrhea usually resolves itself within a few days. Avoid dairy, greasy food, raw fruits and vegetables, caffeine and alcohol during flare ups. Introduce fried chicken and other favorite foods slowly once diarrhea improves. Drink plenty of fluids and get extra rest. See a doctor if symptoms last more than 3 days or are accompanied by fever, dizziness or bloody stools.

The BRAT Diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) is a good place to start. But you don’t have to completely avoid flavorful foods like homemade fried chicken while dealing with diarrhea. Just opt for blander versions prepared at home using healthy oils. Give your body time to recover by sticking to a simple diet. Then enjoy getting back to your favorite fried and spicy foods once your GI tract is back in balance.

Is it bad to eat fried chicken when you have diarrhea?

Fried chicken is not strictly off limits, but should be enjoyed in moderation. The high fat content of fried chicken can stimulate bowel movements. Opt for homemade baked or grilled chicken with simple seasonings until your diarrhea improves.

What oils are best for frying chicken if you have diarrhea?

Coconut, olive and avocado oils have healthy fat profiles for frying. Avoid oils high in omega-6 like vegetable, soybean and corn oil, as they can be inflammatory.

Can fried chicken cause diarrhea?

Excessively fatty, greasy or heavily breaded fried chicken can lead to diarrhea in some people. Spicy seasonings and sauces served with fried chicken can also irritate the stomach.

Is KFC good for diarrhea?

KFC and other fast food fried chicken is high in fat, salt and spices that can make diarrhea worse. Enjoy KFC in moderation once your symptoms resolve. Stick to grilled chicken options with plain sauce and no spicy seasonings while actively ill.


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